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Monday Morning



My BFF sent that to me during my slump, which I think we can go ahead and say it was some type of depression.  Anyway, that quote sums up how I need to go about starting my week.

I jumped out of bed this morning, started laundry, cleaned the floors, wiped down the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and spent 15 minutes enjoying my breakfast, coffee & great book.  Here it is 9:15 and I’m at my desk (still in pj’s) and about to crank up the week.

I really do feel better.  This weekend I moseyed around stores just browsing without a strong need to buy anything.  I bought three dresses for work and leisure and two shirts.  The deal I struck with myself since I have a NO MORE CLUTTER/STUFF rule, was that I could get those things, but I had to get rid of more than I was bringing in.  I now have two small bags of about 10 items ready to be donated.  The Hunter chuckled at that.

We are getting excited about our vacation next week.  I’m not sure 10 days is enough for me, but that’s OK.  We are staying at my parent’s second home so I can always hang out either longer or at another time.  Now, enough blogging, time to get to work and make some $$ and be a FUCKING SHARK!!


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Bebopping Along

I’m happier in our new place.  Both the Hunter and I feel like a cloud has lifted.  Stress has lessened and we like our new environs.  I still have some unpacking to do, but it’s primarily in my office so it can be ignored easier than other places.

I’m trying the trick of hanging all my clothes backwards so this time next year I can see if I wore everything.  If I didn’t, I can more easily determine what to dump.  It will be interesting to see what survives.  My closets, shelves and drawers are organized.  The Hunter is great to have around because he’s fearless with a drill.  He puts up shelves, hangs pictures and organizes things so handily.  I empty the boxes and he gets rid of them.

The only room that we are still experimenting with is the family room/living room.  It’s really small, so we don’t have a margin for excess.  Right now it has a daybed that the Hunter adores.  Last weekend he took such a solid nap I caught him sleeping like a toddler complete with drool coming out of his mouth.  I cannot deny a man the ultimate napping spot.  We just need to figure out the other seat.  Right now I brought in an outdoor chair with its ottoman and changed out the cushions.  It’s OK, but the Hunter and I agree it’s not the long-term solution.  We are thinking…recliner.  Yup, just like old farts.  We want comfort and screw everyone else.

We added Roku so we can stream our cable, Netflix and Amazon Prime.  That lead to the Hunter adding Sling because the man is desperate for his ESPN.  We have been loving all of the new channels.  I binge on Project Runway until he howls in protest.  He happily watches hunting shows and basketball playoffs.  We’ve really enjoyed the improved TV situation.

Now that the cloud is lifting (only metaphorically because it has been walls of water for over 10 days now), I look at my work situation and say, “Hmmm, Maggie & Co isn’t a bad thing, perhaps what I need is some form of side hustle to supplement it.”  I realize that I have things most people dream of:  freedom, flexibility, decent income (albeit sporadic as hell) and NO BOSSES, just some crazy-ass clients at times, but really nobody looking over my shoulder day-to-day.

Speaking of bosses, after I got Robin her job, she called me this week after a couple of weeks of the new gig.  She’s quitting.  WTF?, you ask.  I can’t blame her.  Her church (which amuses me because I don’t see Robin as being religious) offered her a full-time job.  She’ll be working with her daughter and seeing her grandbaby every day.  Robin is not even 50 and she’s a grandmother — go figure.  Anyway, she’s making less $$, BUT she was commuting 1-1/2 hours or more each way, getting home around 8:00, less freedom and flexibility (limited vacation/holidays), dress code — all those things that come with a reasonable, responsible job.  The new church job is less $$ but it’s a 10 minute commute, business casual and she spends her day with her family.  How can you begrudge her?  The Hunter asked if I was upset and honestly, I am not.  Everybody’s journey is different and if she wasn’t happy, then she needed to do what is right for her.

I’m keeping myself busy.  I just signed up for some business events.  I got annoyed when I tried signing up for one and missed the deadline by an hour.  It was an event I created for a group that kicked me off the board (my 2nd term was up and it was time).  I sent a nice email apologizing for being a ditz and asking for them to squeeze me in.  Nope, they won’t do it.  Yep, that’s why I don’t want to sit on anymore professional non-profit boards.  No good deed(s) goes unpunished.  That’s OK, it saved me some significant bucks and time — I think Karma was telling me not to go.

Gotta run, the Hunter is walking in the door and I gotta go give him a smooch!


I’m Cranky

I used to rant regularly on Mondays here on this blog and then I managed to stop, but NOT TODAY, MISSY!!  I am about to go on a full scale rant about everything that is PISSING ME OFF.  Let’s work backwards or whatever is on the top of my mind, here goes:

  • Just got an email from a potential client that I have been gently coaxing and nursing along for TWO YEARS only to get a “we went with someone else”.  That client OWED ME one for helping him out when he got his panties in a bind.  I did the right thing, he seemed contrite and wanted to do the right thing also by working with me when the time was right.  I kept in touch, called, visited, etc. and he said, “OK, we’ll be ready to roll this out in May.”  Here we are in May and he says, “Nope, went with someone else last month.”  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???
  • Had another business client email on Friday and these idiots are going backwards, not forward.   WTF?  I called to confirm, yep, they are going backwards.  I have no idea what will happen there and I’m left scratching my head over something that was suppose to be pretty straightforward.
  • Yet another client wants to end our project because she’s impatient and doesn’t want to spend anymore money.  I get it, I really do, but she’s got a tough project and doesn’t realize it.  Anyway, that may be for the best, I just hate losing.
  • My cell phone got stolen last week when the Hunter and I took the Kracken to the dog park.  The Hunter left the car unlocked and they got my cell phone and drivers license. They left his shitty phone behind. I spent two business days without a phone plus the circle jerk of my wireless carrier and Apple pointing fingers at each other while I struggled to activate the new phone.  I’ve lost stuff because I back up to the computer, lost productivity right before move week.  Not a happy time.
  • I had to deliver deposit checks twice to the new landlord who neglected to say that all deposits have to be via money order or cashiers checks…..
  • The current landlord is pissed off with us.  The Hunter gives just as good as she does which pisses her off.  I had the pleasure of writing a zippy email outlining why they are wrong on some of the stuff among other things.  I’m trying to keep the Hunter from vandalizing the property in some weird way that will end up biting me in the tuckus, I’m sure.
  • The Hunter and I got into an argument this weekend about his road rage when we drove around the urban metropolis running his errands for 4-1/2 hours.  I finally couldn’t take it and told him to cut it out to which he replied that I can’t tell him what to do.  It was ugly.  We still aren’t in a happy place and our move is this week beginning tomorrow.
  • I can’t figure out what my next career move is going to be.  I’m doing a bad job on my job search.  I can’t apply to stuff online — my level doesn’t apply online.  I have to do the whole “informational interview” approach and that’s tough when I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I’m working through the “Designing Your Life” book (strongly recommend), but I’m not in a happy spot to do the analysis portion with any veracity.  I’m tabling that while we move.
  • I feel like I’m doing ALL THE PACKING.  OK, granted most of the stuff is mine, but hello.  Pack a couple of boxes once in awhile, dude.
  • Oh yeah and it’s raining– a lot and will probably rain during our move.

Anyway, whew, that’s enough for now.  I’m miserable.  Really miserable, but hopeful.  Weird, right?  I’m hoping that a new environment/home will help clear my head.  I hope that continuing to lower expenses will lessen my financial anxiety.  I do have some good news:  Robin is happy and productive in her new job.  I’m so happy for her.


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Dammit – Be Grateful!

I’m cranky this morning and felt myself spiraling into a funk.  This time I refuse to sink into it and I’m fighting it.  I have so much to be grateful for — the week was a good one, even though a vicious migraine attempted to undermine me.  Here’s the good stuff:

  • Met two potential new clients and they are both lovely people
  • I had a fabulous send-off lunch with Robin who starts her new job next week.  She is happy, grateful and on the path to stability and great success.
  • Work is going well
  • The Hunter has taken over all dealings with our landlord (actually her boyfriend) and they get along great.  I am amazed at how much relief this have given me.
  • My daughter and son-in-law arrive next week so we’ll have some beach days followed by my son’s graduation.  I’m excited to see everyone.
  • I have figured out a couple of extra income gigs that won’t bring in a ton of $$ but at least they will be fun.  I’ll start in June once we are settled.  Now is not the time to add too much to my plate.

The things that have me anxious:

  • Money — it’s always about money with me right now.  I have lots of debt and not too much income coming in for now.  I haven’t been able to confront my fears by sitting in front of the computer and calculating it all out.
  • My computer is about to take a gigantic crap which has lead me to having to buy a new one today (more debt ugh).  OK, I should be grateful that this laptop has survived 8 years with virtually no issues and I should be grateful that I qualified for an interest-free loan to buy the new one and the Hunter is paying for both my laptop and his new one.  We are going cheap– we don’t need to launch a rocket with our computers, so cheap is fine.  Yes, I researched and figured out what would work.
  • Job search is flat — and it’s my fault.  Actually I can’t say that.  I have to send my resume to someone.  I had a lunch with someone who is being recruited by the same firm recruiting me to set up an office in this area.  It’s interesting, and I like the guy, but why do I need this firm?  He has the same thoughts also.  I’m having a meeting next week with their recruiting partner who is coming to town.  I guess I should be grateful to my coach for the referral and to these folks for finding me interesting.

It really helps me to write this shit out because then I can sit back and say, “OK, Maggie, calm the fuck down.”  I have had some stinkin’ thinking this morning about how poorly I have managed my career and that once the Hunter’s career shifts into stable prosperity he is going to dump my fat ass, that my ass is fat and I need to get my shit together and STOP EATING.  Yeah, I am fighting the funk, but these are the things flying around on broomsticks in my brain.


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Lots of Changes

May will be a month of many changes.  Robin starts her new job, my son graduates from college and will begin preparations to leave for a year in Asia, the Hunter & I are moving, the Hunter’s birthday will be at the end of the month.  There is a lot going on, so let’s break it down:

Family:   My son’s graduation is bringing a flurry of family activities.  Taz and her hubby will spend the week prior on a beach vacay in the area, so I plan on spending a couple of lazy days with them with my toes in the sand. Then we have graduation with my parents flying in, the Ex, etc.  The Hunter isn’t joining us at graduation.  I’m OK with that — him in close quarters with my Ex for 48 hours is probably not a good idea plus I’ll be busy with my parents.  Anyway, the first week of May will be filled with family.  My son is figuring out if his Asian job is locked in before deferring his fancy post-graduate spot.  I’m so proud of my stealth achiever.  I will be chaperoning my elderly parents through the grad weekend, but I’m looking forward to seeing them.  My dad’s been sad due to his brother’s rapidly failing health — I’m praying I don’t need to add a long-distant funeral to my May activities.

Home:  We found a place to rent and I navigated the corporate paperwork of an institutionally-owned place successfully.  Now we are just waiting for HOA approval, but nobody anticipates issues.  The HOA doesn’t have weight restrictions on pets, the institutional landlord only wanted a promise of weight, not proof, so we are off to the races.  The new place is smaller, we reduced our monthly rent by over 20% and it’s more conveniently located.  We are close to parks including a large dog park and I’m excited about it.  We are having another garage sale so I can continue to jettison stuff.  This feels good and we are both happy about all of it.

Work:  Maggie & Co is chugging along and is generating unexpected revenue from unanticipated sources.  Robin will begin her new job in the first week of May and her church has offered her a part-time job on weekends.  She sat down with a financial planner to draw up a budget and a plan to get her back on track.  We are having a celebratory lunch this week.  I’m relieved but sad.  I’m sad to lose my sidekick and partner-in-crime, but relieved because now I have room to maneuver my job situation more freely and I’m not worried about her lack of income.   Robin is grateful because I found her the job and gently shoved her down the path of stability at a time where her only goal was to get through a single day.  She is a good person and deserves all the success and stability this job can give her.  In this new job, I think she’ll find Hubby #2 or at least a Sugar Daddy who will dote on her.

Job Search:  Slow.  I had a good informational interview with a former colleague.  I need to follow up with him with a resume and stuff, but I’ve procrastinated.  That tells me that I’m not too serious about pursuing this, so I’m trying to pause and give myself some time to reflect on why.  I’ll write another post about that.  My business coach (who I owe $$ to because my credit card keeps getting declined!) has referred me to a company who wants to expand into my neck of the woods.  They seem like good people with a good plan, but it doesn’t excite me.  I would be doing what I’m doing for someone else and the added pressure of reporting to others, recruiting more team members and rapidly building a business in a profession where my passion has waned.  I am trying to get an interview with another company who desperately needs my skill set, but they have just named a new CEO and are looking for a CFO, so perhaps they aren’t ready.  I sent my resume and clever (but not too clever) cover letter to the CEO hidden inside a congratulations card.  Let’s hope SHE appreciates the ingenuity.

As for me, I am embracing May as the month of change.  The Hunter has continued to hold up his end of changes.  I’ll write about that as well, but this post is way long enough for now.


I’m Alone Now

The Hunter just took off in his beat-up pickup for a week-long hunting trip.  It could be shorter, but it won’t be longer.  He kissed me and the Kracken good-bye and hit the road for a long, long ride to his hunting lease.  That leaves me alone with the Kracken.

I know he was feeling a little guilty when he insisted on taking me grocery shopping so I had some food while he was gone.  Good — he should feel a bit guilty because I will state for the record that his hunting is a bit selfish.  Having said that I will also say that he tries hard to incorporate me into the plans.  He asked me to go with him the morning after I had my meltdown — no way, I simply cannot take off to the woods right now.

I mentioned to him during a morning walk that this arrangement leaves me stuck at home, so as he was leaving, he left me some money to put the Kracken in Doggy Daycare if I want to slip away for a few days.  I’ll think about it.  I was pleased that he immediately offered that up, but I doubt I’ll have time for that.

Robin got the dream job.  I had introduced her to a company that was perfect for her.  It’s locally owned and the company’s rockstar told me they were looking for someone.  I knew immediately that Robin would be perfect.  I put everyone together and Robin survived a 4-person interview, an afternoon shadowing the rockstar and yesterday they formally presented her with a written offer that exceeded her expectations.  She is beyond thrilled.  I am beyond thrilled for her also.  She needs the stability of income, health insurance, etc.  I had coached her that no matter what they offered to graciously thank them and tell them she would let them know within 24 hours. This will give her time to digest it all.  She also got her start date which is about 4 weeks away.

These two events leave me alone — in different ways and with different timing, but I’ll be alone.  I’ll miss Robin. She is a steady, dependable person who has always cheered me on and gave me the comfort of having the semblance of a team.  She is a dear friend. I’m hoping that the Hunter’s recent distance wasn’t a relapse, but his cabin-fever to get to the woods.  I’ll write some more about that later, but for now, I’ve got a very busy week remaining in front of me, so I have to get going…..



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It’s Not My Imagination

As I have talked to other women of my generation, I am struck by the gender and age discrimination that we are facing.  At first I thought it was  anecdotal, but then I hit good old Google and found that there is scientific research confirming this bias.  Well, doesn’t that just suck?  So all you younger ladies gather round while good, ole Maggie rains on your parade.  Actually, I think it’s better that you hear about this now so you can plan accordingly.

First up, check out this article in the Harvard Business Review which cites a study by economists at the University of California at Irvine and Tulane University  that found “robust evidence of age discrimination in hiring against older women.” The data show that it is harder for older women to find jobs than it is for older men.

Then you have this article from Forbes.  My favorite is this article from Next Avenue because at least she gives you some tips on how to fight back.

I have fallen victim to the siren song of “Forget about corporate America and just go be an entrepreneur”,  Yeah, that’s not so easy either because how about this:  according to this video by Working Nation, 47% of the jobs we have today will be obsolete in the next 20 years.  I’ve already felt this and agree with much of what is in the video.  Fascinating and well-produced, by the way.

My conclusion:  I’m not imaging things.  No wonder my business development efforts have been difficult.  No wonder my job search will be long.  Now I have to whip myself into shape.  I’ve been to the optometrist to get my contact lens prescription updated.  Up next is the dentist.  Hair, check.  Next up — some serious weight loss steps.  I have my informational interview next week with my old colleague.  I found some other things to pursue. One step at a time…


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