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I Was Sick

Ugh, like the new kid at school, I caught a cold and was a snuffly, cranky mess for the week.

Colds run a predictable pattern with me:  days of sore throat followed by hacky cough.  Next is a crescendo of runny nose, sneezing and general germy  demeanor that halts people in their track from approaching me.  The cold fades with sneezing, some strong coughing and snot.  Lots of snot.

I’m cranky when I have a cold.  Leave me the f*#k alone.  The Hunter walks on egg shells because his natural inclination is to hover and cuddle and nurse.  I hate that.  Seriously, it could be anyone trying to do that and I’ll bite their head off.  Just hand me a Coke, some DayQuil or NightQuil depending on the time of day, a box of tissues and the remote.  Retreat.  By the end I’ll want food, but otherwise, do not acknowledge my existence.  Thank you.

The Hunter thought he was sexy and adorable telling me he can’t wait to get me in the sack and ravage me.  My nose is red and runny, I’m coughing/sneezing/blowing my nose. I’m exhausted from a week of commuting 2 hours round trip and a long day.   Really?  Sex is the last thing on my mind.  Snuggling is not an option.  Read my above statements.  Ugh.  Seriously?  I just want sleep, lots of sleep, and the remote.

I know I sound ungrateful, however, I think sick folks (meaning not seriously ill, just minor maladies) fall into two categories:  1) ignore me and 2) nurse me back to health.  I am the former and the Hunter is the latter.  I guess part of my problem is that I want to be ignored because my history involved having people that always wanted something from me, even when I was sick.  “What are you making for dinner?”  “Where is ____?”  “Can you take me here, there or yonder?”  “How long are you going to sit on the couch?”  Yeah, being sick in my previous life was not an option.

Now I revel in the glory that if I want to sit my ass on the couch all weekend to read books and watch movies, I can.  Add in a rainy day and you’ll lucky if I say four words.

Today I’m feeling human.  I’m about to jump in the shower and clean all my cold germs off me.  It’s a catch up day of paperwork for Maggie & Co plus my personal bills and what not.  It’s not sexy day.  I’m not feeling it.  I feel lucky to feel simply human right now.  Now, how do I reject him without hurting his feelings?  I have no idea, but I better think of something because he’ll be home in a few hours….


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This week I received my first paycheck.  It’s the first steady paycheck I have received in over 15 years.  Quite the momentous occasion for me.  The revelation that I’ll get another one in two weeks is awesome.  I signed up for my benefits this week.  The cost, fully loaded with vision, dental, short and long-term disability, is about 60% – 70% less than what I currently pay for basic healthcare. Wow.

I continue to shake my head about the normalcy that has returned to my life. This company is filled with people who do the 9-5 with no overtime and no expectations of you staying late.  I am use to a world that if you walk out at closing time, people scoff that you are only working part-time.  This keeping normal hours is a revelation.

I had dinner with a dear GF from my old profession.  She and I have talked candidly about the financial problems we are facing.  She was always far more successful for me, but now she’s hit the skids.  For good reasons, but her financial instability is panic-inducing.  Balancing her arrears in her mortgage and other bills.  Getting a nice size check only to spend it on catching up on bills.  Facing a grim future.  I feel for her.

She was so incredibly happy for me.  She said it gives her hope that her future will shift soon also.

I am obnoxiously happy.  I am that obnoxious friend that is so incredibly blissful about life.  I continue to enjoy my job and figure out new things to do and people to meet.  I make a positive impact to the company’s bottom line every day.  I like everyone I have met.  Nothing but sunshine and rainbows over here.

Next week I am starting a couple of new habits.  I have been allowing myself the excuse of a long commute to not exercise or take my lunch.  Lunch excuses also involve using the social experience of lunching with colleagues to build relationships.  Time to curb the procrastination.

On Friday I bounced over to the nearby gym that has showers and opens early enough that I can go there before work.  My plan is to put on my exercise garb and drive to work where I will be forced to work out since I’m already dressed.  Even if I don’t do that, I can work out at lunch or after work.

I have to start moving my body.  Sitting/standing in an office all day with a 2-hour round trip commute is not helping my aging body.  It feels stiff, bloated and out of shape.  This weekend, I’ll put together my gym bag so I can get started Monday morning.

The other thing is lunch.  Let’s face it, I can’t afford $15/day for lunch.  That doesn’t fit with my new frugal strategy.

I am about to embark on an IRS repayment plan that will demand that I adhere to a tighter budget so I can get my ass out of debt.  Even though Maggie & Co. is still generating some $$ that will provide an emergency fund, monies to relocate and pay off debt, I’m still not out of the woods.  I still have to be smart.

The lingering clients of Maggie & Co. have some ups and downs that constantly remind me why I have fled this business.  I just got off the phone with one that makes me take a deep sigh and shake my head in frustration.  Yep, I made the right decision.

Now, let me do a little more Maggie & Co. work, some admin work for the Hunter and then I can put my gym bag together.  Busy, busy, busy in an obnoxiously happy way.  Life is good.  Thank you, dear Lord, Karma or whoever you are.  I am grateful each and every day.


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First Day of School, I mean Work

The first day at the new job felt much like the first day of school.  What do I wear?  Who will I be sitting with?  What about lunch?  Will they like me?  Will I like them?  I was definitely “nervously excited.”

The first day was great.  Actually the entire week was fantastic.  Orientation with a new guy from the Midwest, filled out some forms, got a tour of the HQ, lunch with my GF who got me the job (my boss wasn’t available, long story) and I ended it with a 2-hour conference call that was intended to get me up to speed on the various projects I will be thrown into.

The commute isn’t bad.  I have my new laptop and cell phone.  I closed out my week by completing all my video trainings, webinars and the like.  On Thursday afternoon, I shook myself and told myself, “SLOW DOWN”.  I had been feeling like I needed to produce volumes of work immediately.  That’s not the case.

Here’s the great news.  They need me, badly.  They have no idea what they don’t know.  Their current vendor has less than five years in my business.  I have over 20.  Already this week I have uncovered several errors he has made.  Interesting.  Do you hear that hammer?  It’s the nails in his coffin.  I am being very careful about how I’m handling these things.  She likes him, so I’m just collecting evidence for my case and keeping my opinions to myself.  I offer no opinions unless asked.

They have no forms, procedures, processes for what I do.  They have never had anyone in this roll.  I have already started trying to get a handle on things.  I’ve produced some spreadsheets and analyses — some that have been shared and some that are works in progress.  The vendor sent over two reports that were basically useless.  Pretty, but useless.  Much like him, come to think of it.

My boss is a very interesting woman.  She’s my age, incredibly fit and incredibly busy.  She choose the week I started to get some medical procedures done two mornings in a row, so that cut our time considerably.  I like her right now.  She’s loyal, politically savvy and knows the CEO and how his mind works.  She has ideas on what I should be doing, so I’m working on those as well.

There is another person in my department that wanted my job.  Eventually she’ll be reporting to me.  She has voiced her concerns twice to our boss.  Most recently was the week before I started.  The boss told me and asked me to spend some time shadowing said person to learn more about what she does.  Interesting.  I have my thoughts about this.  More to come as things evolve.

Overall — great week.  The entire organization moves quickly and efficiently.  If I ask for something, the response is immediate.  The workplace is clean, I mean sparkling clean.  My only regret is I get no natural light, but I can get up and walk around any time.  The commute hasn’t been an issue.

Week One I have already made positive impacts.  The Boss sent me a glowing email thanking me for my efforts so far.  Week Two I have my first out-of-office meeting.  Plus I will be running point on a very time-sensitive project.  Can’t wait to get my hands dirty.


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If Only They Knew…

I have to chuckle about being back in a normal work environment.  Nobody knows that in my previous life I was a shark, swimming around constantly looking for something to bite.  Now I am surrounded by women — I haven’t had that in decades.  Everybody is working towards the same common goals – how refreshing!  I haven’t had that in years.

This is a company run by mostly men.  There are some women in leadership, but it’s primarily the men who captain the ship.  The women I sit among are in administrative or HR roles.   My title includes the word “Manager”, and I am sitting in the C-Suite, but I have a cubicle.  I’m close to the action, but not in it.  That’s fine.

I met the Chief Strategy Officer on the first week.  My Boss had asked me to read the strategic plan (I’m geeky enough that I love that shit and immediately did so).  He strolled into her office while we were wrapping up a quick meeting.  She introduced him.  I complimented his strategic plan and quoted a couple of goals in it.  It surprised him.  My Boss was pleased that I had done my homework.  I made her look good.

The COO was talking to an admin about a new company and their goals.  I chimed in with some recent market information about them.  I wasn’t really butting in, I promise.  His eyebrows raised.  In a good way.  We chatted a bit more about the new company from both our perspectives.

I had coffee with my BFF over the weekend to debrief on the first week.  One of my concerns is being out of touch eventually.  She agreed and said I needed to make a concerted effort to stay in touch with industry news, etc.  We laughed about me now being in with a normal company filled with normal people.

I am meeting normal people and having lunch with them, chatting with them.  The social aspect is awesome for me. However, I smile because they haven’t had to hunt down their prey in order to survive.  They show up to their job, do it, go home, repeat and then get a paycheck every two weeks.  Amazing concept, but one I could get use to.

Anyway, I am sticking to my tactic of being a private person.  I don’t volunteer information about myself.  My humor is poking out all over the place.  Friday was the last day for one of the admins, she told my GF that I was a lot of fun to be around.  Excellent.  My plan is working…


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The End is Near

Today is the last day of Maggie & Co.  I am wrapping things up, turning over projects to friends and generally tying up the loose ends as best I can.  Just in time for vacation.

I feel great.  OK, my mouth is a little sore from my dentist installing a crown yesterday.  I love my new dentist, as much as one can love an inflicter of pain.  She told me I was a queen and she was just giving me the crown I deserved.  Then she and her staff made sure I was comfy, pain-free, played the music I wanted and generally nurtured me into submission.

I had lunch with Robin this week.  She is well.  We are planning for her to visit me when I move in the Fall.  It was a happy get together.  She agreed that I am so fortunate to be handed this opportunity to hit the Reset button.

My Son broke up with his girlfriend.  I’m relived about that.  She wasn’t the One for him.  Sorry, but she wasn’t.  He feels bad about it, but also relieved.  I think breaking up with someone when you are literally halfway around the world provides some guilt.

I wonder about how this new job will work out.  I’m excited for it.  It seems to have a great culture.  I’ve been reading a couple of books that tackle the issues I will be confronting with these folks.  It’s fascinating and I’m full of ideas.  I know, I know, I have to sit back, watch, observe and learn more about these folks before I jump in with my ideas.  I’ll be patient.  I promise.

I told the Hunter that my plan for at least the next two years is simple:  WORK, Exercise, Rest.  That’s it.  My BFF loved this — very simple.  But it’s true.  I want to work both with the new company and any side hustle I create, so I can pay off all my debt and be financially stable.  I want to exercise because I am perilously close to my all-time high on the scale.  So disappointing.  I’ll write more about the food issues.  Rest because everybody needs to recharge.  Rest may include some play, but rest to recharge both mind and body.

So the end of Maggie & Co as we know it is upon me.  It will still be around because I need the corporate entity for the side hustles, but not the way I envisioned it.  That’s OK, I am much happier with my future.


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Do the Right Thing

I had a situation today that happens in my world more frequently than I care to admit.  I had to fall on the sword and give up the ability to get paid so my client can get what they want.  It’s not a lot of money, so that doesn’t really bug me, although I’ve put about 8-10 hours of work into this.  What bugs me is that my client is held hostage until I agree to the ransom.  What bugs me is I have documentation to the terrorist clearly stating my intentions.

I provided the necessary release and told the terrorist that they were cowards for refusing to talk to me directly.  OK, I didn’t call them cowards, but I did call them out for refusing to communicate directly with me.  I took the high road in a very professional manner.  My client was grateful.  I told her that I was thankful that we met and that she should always consider me a resource.

I don’t have negative emotional energy to waste on this unhappy terrorist who thinks that screwing me out of less than $3,000 is the right thing to do.  I have Karma behind me and she has been showing me her magnificent self each and every day.  Now, it’s approaching 5:00 on a Friday, so I am going to have a lovely cocktail soon. Namaste!


I Have No Idea What’s Going On

I have no idea what’s going on today.  Money?  No idea what I will end up with.  It ain’t looking robust, but I’ll be fine.  I think Karma sent me a little reminder on why I am choosing gainful employment over this Maggie & Co. gig.  Thank you, Karma, but a little extra money won’t taint me, I promise.

The Hunter is wooing me.  He was hurt that I wanted a clean break.  He is using his favorite tool, sex, to try to win me back.  I can’t complain about that.  We still have so many months of co-habitation that my plan is to just go with the flow.

I said good-bye to two clients this week and put them in the hands of a colleague.  It’s bittersweet, but I’m glad to close those chapters.  I have one to go.  Plus many memos and follow up with these colleagues to insure a seamless transition.  Sigh.

I got on the scale and it was ugly.  Very ugly.  I really have to figure out how to plan exercise into my new daily routine once I start working.  This company works 9-hour days, 4 days a week and then 7 on Friday (including 1-hour lunch).  Add in my one-hour minimum commute each way and I’m occupied 11 hours a day.  Maybe a lunch workout?  Can I handle getting up at 5:00 to get 45 minutes in before my day starts?  My first thought is to work out after work so I can miss the rush hour, but will I be too tired?

My diet sucks.  I’m eating whatever is put in front of me and I’m not making healthy choices.  Ugh.  I have to fix that, but I haven’t really put much thought into how.  I do plan on taking lunch and I will probably also take breakfast since these days start so damn early.  That will help me get back on track.  I’ve been Pintresting  like a fiend on lunch ideas or grab n’ go breakfast ideas.

Now on the positive side, I have been working on my sleeping habits.  I have been making sure I’m in bed by 10 and up by 6.  Next week I will tweak it a little more so I’m up by 5:30.  I’ll need to leave the house by 6:30 to get to work with a little buffer in case of traffic.  I’m driving over 50 miles each way, so my goal is to be early rather than on time or late.

I am keeping myself busy every day.  I have a dentist appointment this week plus I may go ahead and get new tires so I’ll be safer driving in the summer rains.  I have my final industry networking event tomorrow night.  I’m not even sure I want to go.

I also have lots of paperwork to cull through, a call to the IRS to figure out what I owe and troubleshoot why I can’t use the online system, packing up my office or at least cleaning it out really good.  I might as well throw stuff into boxes and be done.

My future looks busy.  Very, very busy.  I hope it translates into money.  Steady, good money.


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