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Back in the Saddle

I am back in the saddle at work. I am busily working on business development pursuits as Elephantwell as some current projects that will yield decent pay days. Then I have the elephants. An elephant (to me) is a business pursuit that is so crazy and outside of my normal line of work. I have three elephants right now. One is much smaller than the other two, but all three have some viability. When the Hunter asked for a probability, I gave all of them about 5% chance. The odds have risen to 25% on two. It will take a couple of months for the two big ones to play out and it involves other folks taking the lead, so there is a lot of uncertainty. I shouldn’t think about the $$ but I can’t help it because the paydays are so substantial.

In the meantime, I have to keep taking action steps on the regular stuff that pays the bills.  My cash flow is tight, which is typical for the beginning of the year, but it’s tighter than usual.  I should be OK within 30 days, but it’s going to be by a razor-thin edge.  I need some more regular work and to keep focused on that goal and not the elephants. But daydreaming about the elephants is oh so much fun…..

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