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I wrote about a colleague who has COVID. He has been sick for three weeks. He is in his early 60’s, had a mild heart attack at the beginning of the year, lost a lot of weight and now COVID. I had a deep chill when I heard he was sick.

News about him is sparse. My employer is very strict about HIPAA, but I began gleaning some updates. At first it seemed he was getting a mild case. Fatigue, a little fever, but he thought he had it whipped. Not so fast. He got that second wave and ended up hospitalized with pneumonia. He has been in the hospital for several days.

Somehow his wife and teenage son have escaped it. I think his wife had a mild case. She had been sick right at the time he got sick. Regardless, he is not well, however, his denial is huge. He is telling a colleague he will be back to the office next week. He is still in the hospital. Plus none of us are in a hurry for him to return in case he spreads it around.

During all this, my company did flu shots this week. Thank goodness. I not only did the flu, but got my first shingles. That shingles vaccine is nasty. It hurts during the injection, my arm was sore after, I got a mild headache, and I am flat out exhausted today. Plus I have to keep my paranoia in check because the shingles vaccine side effects are similar to COVID. What was I thinking?!

I am sending positive thoughts for my colleague. I hope he recovers soon and doesn’t get sicker. Fingers crossed….

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  1. I am still awaiting the results of my own test. I was quite sick at the beginning of the week with many symptoms. I had to cancel my therapist and physio appointments, I was feeling like crap any how. Thankfully, if it is Covid, it seems that I am starting to recover (day 5-6): apparently, the T lymph cells remain active even after the Ig cells are gone, and since I’m fairly certain I got it in the Spring, it may be that I got an easier deal this time around? Or it’s something completely different. We’ll see 🙂

    Shingles is a good idea, since the chickenpox vaccine doesn’t give quite the same immunity as the actual disease and your risk of having it resurface as shingles is higher if you were immunised as a child (which is more routine in the States, though it may not have been back when you were a child, I only know what was true when my kids were babies 😉 ). And if you think the vaccine is painful… then be glad, as shingles is PAINFUL!! (from what I heard! A friend of mine got it in her 20 when I was in college. Go figure!).

    I hope your colleague recovers quickly too. Sending hugs to you.

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