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Trust Your Body

I had a jolt of reality today. I get daily industry-specific newsfeeds and one article rocked my world. Back during my job search, I wrote about Queen Bee. This week, an article popped up that she switched firms. WTF? She was a partner in this company. Something big had to have happened.

In an uncanny twist, she had been on my mind. I was thinking about my final interview with the CEO and how my eye decided to swell up with an infection. I was thinking about how this was my body telling me not to take that job. I wasn’t listening to it at the time, but now I recognize that my body was pulling out all the stops to tell me not to pursue that job.

We need to listen to our bodies.  I had only had an eye infection like that once before. It was the strangest thing and it disappeared very quickly after the interview.

Fascinating.  Simply fascinating….


Photo by Gerax Sotelo on Unsplash

Comments on: "Trust Your Body" (4)

  1. Instinct and gut say a lot

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  2. Agreed….sometimes I bodies have to pull out the big guns and put us down for our “own” good at times.

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