"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


The Hunter can be a very kind man. This weekend, he was leaving his apartment to come spend the night with me. As he left, one of his neighbors dropped her grocery bag on the stairs and shattered her 6-pack of beer. She almost burst into tears. She is a foreign medical student and had just finished a grueling week. The beer was her special treat for an evening of Netflix and unwinding.

Another guy stepped out of his apartment and made a comment about her choice of beer causing the destruction of every bottle. The Hunter responded with a joke about how would he feel if he got pulled by a cop and forced to dump his weed. That cracked everyone up (they are all much younger than the Hunter).

The Hunter didn’t leave it there. He pulled out a hose and a broom to help his neighbor clean up her mess. The other guy fled when he saw there was work to be done. Once it was all cleaned up, he turned to her. “Want a little bud?” He asked.

He made her a joint and went on his way. She was gratefully thrilled. Her evening was not a total loss.

This is a classic example of how kind the Hunter can be. How many people would go out of their way for a stranger?

Then he came to see me and was quite randy. We had a fun evening of romping. He got up at 4 am and left with the Kracken to go hunting. He is a kind man.

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  1. Sometimes, I wonder, hope, if I can keep this kind of ‘friendship’ with The Dancer. God I miss him. 🙂

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    • It takes a commitment from both people. That’s the key. And not necessarily a monogamous commitment. He is far better at communication and making time for us. I learn from him.


      • Ours never was a monogamous commitment and never would have been. There are just too many things I miss and crave and need. I need to feel loved too. And that I know I will not get from him. Can I find it from someone else if he is still part of my life as a FWB? This is really the one question that is bugging me. Otherwise, I quite like the man, really. That’s the problem, I rather love him really. 😉

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      • One thing to think about is if you keep the Dancer as a FWB, will you have enough room emotionally and time wise for the relationship you ultimately desire?

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      • Yes, that is a good question. Emotionally… I don’t know. That is the question I need to ask myself. Time wise, I haven’t seen the guy in 2 months, maybe more, so it’s not like he’s taking all my time! 😉 That is part of the problem, I guess…


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