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Staying on Track

I have been trying very hard to adhere to a spending fast. Some weeks are better than others, but all in all, I have improved. I only shop with a list and rarely add any extras. This time of year is a true test of my resolve.

I spent five hours shopping today and spent about $200. I did OK, but I did go AWOL from my list. My list included one pair of jeans. I ended up with two (one is a chocolate denim that goes great with an existing jacket). I added two shirts not on the list and bought two pairs of booties, not one. I also bought four Christmas gifts.

I have to say I got a lot of bang for my bucks. That $200 included: a hardcover book, 2 pairs of the aforementioned booties, jeans and shirts and the gifts. A total of 12 items. Yesterday I used my store credit to buy my Toys for Tots donation for work, so that is no money out of my pocket. The store credit is the result of returning a work gift a few months ago.

A recent habit is that if I buy clothes, I have to get rid of an equal number. Today was a bit tricky, but I did find four items to donate plus the booties I tossed because they are unwearable.

That is all the not-so-bad of the day. I also abstained from buying a new handbag when I realized I was happy with an existing one I had stopped using. The worse part is that now my closet consists of clothing in four sizes. Yes, I moved up one more size. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I am not putting a ton of guilt on myself right now and I am trying to be a bit forgiving, but this has to stop.

This week was a bit tough on the exercise front because I was waking up with migraines several mornings. I combated it with a new 30 minute walk at lunch. My diet had way too many carbs this week, so I need to cut those back and go back to more veggies over everything else.

I am not sure what works best for me on the diet front. The last time, six years ago, it was exercise combined with portion control. Plain and simple. I lost 40 pounds. I have tried intermittent fasting with limited results. Whole 30 resulted in about a 10 pound loss in 30 days, but what a miserable diet. My plan is to be more plant-based. Lots of veggies, limited carbs and meat. Thanksgiving knocked me off track. I have discovered if I have sweets in the house, I will eat them. All of them. Quickly.

I am also recognizing that a lot of my food issues are tied to emotional eating. I feel good, let’s eat. I feel bad, let’s eat. I’m sad, give me sugar. I’m happy, let’s celebrate with food or drink. I need to figure out how to break that habit. Right now, I am sitting here after a filling meal and debating if I want another cosmo or a dessert smoothie. Why? I’m not hungry or thirsty. But something in me wants a hit for the dopamine fix.

I am giving myself a little space before I tackle my next round of goals. I am not spending too much. I rarely eat out which is a huge savings. I take my lunch to work every day. I don’t shop – today was a big exception. My expenses have plummeted, so financially I believe things are under control. I just need to start making payments rather than hoarding the money.

I have no complaints (other than the weight gain). Time to focus on my health – that’s one of my big focus areas for 2020.

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  1. Well done you!

    I have taken advantage of my being here at the clinic to see a dietician. We discussed calories, and so on. She mentioned that we need to eat more carbs and meat than veg because the calories in vegs are not counted in our brain to give our stomach the signal that we are full. Whereas carbs are. So we need instead to focus on really listening to how hungry we still are after eating a quarter of our mains, a half, 3/4, to see if we still need to eat more.
    I drawing a quick picture here, there’s more to it than that simple sentence, but carbs aren’t our enemy. Or so she says.
    I’ve lost some weight since I’m here. Whether it’s because I’ve stopped the medicine that made me gain weight and started one that supposedly should make me lose sone? I’ll never know!
    Ok, time for my nap 🙂

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    • That’s very interesting and I agree. My thought is that I am not hungry when I have protein and complex carbs. So I try to make my carbs healthy (whole grains, plant-based). I just need to get back to my meal prepping and portion control.

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      • What she also told me was to make sure I didn’t drink too much during meals, and drank water regularly during the day, so as not to expand my stomach too much.
        But to be honest, I believe most of the weight loss has been because of the meds switch. No, if I’m honest, I eat differently too. We talked about the reasons why I ate a big lunch, why I was afraid to get hungry before my next meal, added a snack (protein, yogurt, so that my stomach counts the calories) around 4pm if I’m hungry. All goals that I felt were attainable for me at this stage, so that I didn’t set myself up for failure right away.

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  2. I’m listening to a podcast that gets into the emotional side of why I overeat. That’s what I’m going to work on next. Ugh.


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