"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Too Close

Did you see the news about the hijacked UPS truck and the subsequent shoot-out? I was less than a mile away, driving to a Christmas party to support a girlfriend. I saw the police, saw a K-9 unit speed past me as I parked.

That was too close. If I had taken a different route, I would have passed that intersection at just about the same time as the shootout.

I was praying for the UPS driver. My heart is aching for him and the other innocent bystander. So incredibly tragic. WTF was wrong with those criminals and the police? So senseless, selfish, violent. I can go into a whole rant about the police and their response.

The Hunter called me in a panic because he knew I was in the area. I am thankful he looks out for me. I was lucky today. I am safe at home. I am so grateful and thankful.

Oh and that party? Complete waste of time.

Comments on: "Too Close" (6)

  1. That’s so scary! Wow

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  2. Look at Oedipus… Fate is powerful. Sometimes, more powerful than any action we can take on this planet as mere humans.
    Glad you’re OK.

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  3. I often wonder how much of our life is chance… how much free will .. and how much destiny
    Regardless, I’m glad you’re safe. Perhaps also reminded that we only have now.

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