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Cranking up the Social Life

Making friends as an adult seems to get harder as the years go by. I have written about this before. Anyway, this week I made concerted efforts. I went to a Meetup group of lovely professional women and followed up with those I met. I invited one new Meetup person, plus four ladies from work to join me at a free concert. No takers, so I went by myself because I’ll be damned if I will sit at home.

The weekend ended up pleasantly busy. I had shopping to do, an apartment to be cleaned, food prep to be done. Plus I enjoyed two lovely morning walks. One involved a Farmers Market. I was definitely busy.

I think what caused some melancholy is when I went through my phone contacts to dig out addresses to send “change of address” cards. There was so much crap. The vast majority where business-related from my former life, acquaintances from the married life and very little substance. I only have a dozen or so family and friends that merit a card.

I have told myself to be patient. Making friends is much like dating. I have to get myself out there with the right groups of people. I can’t expect immediate results. I appear to be one of the older residents at my apartment complex. I’m actually fine with that. I just have to continue to do activities I enjoy and friends will follow….I think. I am lucky because I am fine with flying solo at most activities, so I won’t sit at home if I don’t want to. I am not asking for much – just 2-3 new friends. Wish me luck!

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  1. Making friends is really hard. It will work out

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  2. This brought a smile. I hooked up with some writing group about two summers ago. I went to a couple of meetings and then the head stopped answering my emails about the location of the meetings and the monies due. I was so confused. Did I do something to someone or say something? It was only like two meetings I attended. After that, I just gave up. I did meet a new friend from New York at a job fair but it looks like she will be moving to the West. So, I keep my old friends (1) local , maybe 2.

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  3. I totally agree. That’s why I had to get involved with my Peloton community and even then finding the “right” friends isn’t easy.

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