"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Fast Lane

I sent an email to my property manager about some general maintenance items. Nothing major, but things they need to address in the common areas (vacuuming the gym carpet was a big one). My email was ultra friendly and not whiny. This always yields the desired result.

One of my issues is the gate clicker. The damn thing rarely works for me. I am sure this is completely user-related and nothing to do with the clicker, and I said so in my email. The property manager graciously offered her senior building engineer up to instruct me on how to open the damn gate. Our lesson is tomorrow.

I was just thinking about this and chuckling to myself. This poor man. He has no idea. When Florida installed their Sunpass automated toll program, I am the reason they got rid of the toll arms in those lanes. I took out two to three of those damn arms with my minivan. My kids cringed when we approached an on-ramp. Hilarious!!

Tomorrow he will meet Danica Patrick (aka me) and it will be vastly entertaining.

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