"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Almost Done

Good grief, I am still unpacking. I took a respite so I could wrap up at the old place, find a sofa and re-stock my pantry and frig. However, the new place was still cluttered with boxes and that doesn’t sit well with me.

My goal this week was a box a night. But being the occasional over-achiever, I’ve knocked out 8 over the two nights. I can’t find my damn cheese grater. I had 2 before the move and both are MIA. One went to the Hunter, I think. I might steal it back.

I still have crap I look at and say, “Why the heck am I dragging this around?” I was asking myself the “Does this spark joy?” until I was morose. LOL – it wasn’t that bad.

I wrapped up with the bookcase and personal papers/office stuff. Now I can move on to artwork. I am eager to get things on the walls.

I found a beautiful used sofa that is exactly what I want. It looks brand new and I got it for a fraction of its original cost. It will be delivered tomorrow. Very exciting final piece of my home. I haven’t had a sofa for 18 months. Yep, no sofa. I don’t recommend it.

The new place is steadily coming together. I just need to stay focused on unpacking and organizing. I feel better without the boxes. The Hunter volunteered to organize my storage closet which will be a huge help.

I am telling myself that I need to pay attention to my stuff over the next year. When I move, I always hang my clothes so the hanger is backwards. After I wear something, it is hung correctly. After a year, I can see what I use and what I can donate. I want to do something similar with all my stuff. “Use it or lose it” is my new mantra because I really want to lighten my load.

Next up, how to let go of things chock full of sentimental value and absolutely no practical usefulness. Not like I have any answers for that, but it will be the next conundrum of downsizing.

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  1. I despise moving although one good thing is that you always seem to find stuff that you thought was lost forever. We last moved six years ago and it was a nightmare and a reminder that neither of us were 35. We had spent days pre-packing everything, a job made worse having a nosy cat getting into everything (she almost got packed in a box); moving day comes and the two of us packed the biggest moving truck I’ve ever driven so full that I almost couldn’t close the door. Extra help had finally arrived; my sister-in-law and her hubby and their Ram pickup truck to haul the couple of things I couldn’t get in the moving van to our new place.

    I think the four of us got half of the truck unloaded before exhaustion – not just being tired – hit us; I was walking back to the truck for something else… and just stopped – my body didn’t want to move so we called it a night, ordered some takeout for dinner, and crashed.

    It took us a couple of weeks before we got everything unpacked and put where we wanted it and I keep hoping that we won’t have to move again any time soon but if we do, we’re hiring a crew to do all the work.

    Getting too old for this moving crap…

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    • I hear you! Moving to a third floor walk-up made professional movers essential, not optional. I had several days when my body simply said, “no more”.

      My 83-year-old dad & stepmom just downsized for a 3000+ SF house to a nice assisted living apartment. They had lots of help and did it over several months. They were plum wore out at the end of it all. But I am truly thankful they did it and not me!

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  2. The sentimental stuff is hard. I have been trying to pick the things that are the most to me, not others, and what is truly part of my heart! Easier to write that than actually do

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    • I am beginning to wrestle with what do you do with a bunch of framed photos of relatives? I’m thinking pull the photo and start a scrapbook? How do we throw out photos? That’s my struggle. I tend to cling to that type of stuff.

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