"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Here We Go!

The move went very smoothly. The truck was loaded in 1-1/2 hours. I even had notes taped to everything that said either “yes” or “no”. This directed the guys on what went on the truck.

The Hunter walked in before they arrived and burst out laughing. “Are you indecisive? ” He saw it as equivocating on a marriage proposal. Silly man. When he left he hugged me hard and whispered “I love you.” I love him too. It’s just a bit complicated right now. More will follow on this.

The $1400 (including tips) for the movers was money well spent. They bounded up and down the stairs hauling my 50+ boxes with ease. They grabbed EVERYTHING and stuck it on the truck.

I have my storage closet on the same floor as my apartment and have already started filling it up. It’s a weird shape – not what I was expecting, but we made it work. I need to think vertical with it.

I ran to the grocery store and should be set for about a week (I hope).

I am pooped. It was a very busy day. Now comes the unpacking. I decided that right now, my objective needs to be getting rid of the boxes. My Pinterest organization self needs to calm down and wait.

My new bed is set up with clean sheets and looks fabulously comfy. The frame makes it tight to get the linens on. The jury is out on if I love it. I have to watch my toes on the frame.

I am eager to get settled. Tomorrow will be spent unpacking. That should get things under control. Then Saturday is the garage sale (ugh).

I don’t have internet, so I’m using my HD antenna. Something is up with my TV & the universal remote, so I’m stuck watching only ABC right now. That’s OK, I found my wireless speaker. I discovered I like having some noise, so this is important to my zen.

I need to take a shower and find some Advil. I’ve had 2 glasses of Prosecco to celebrate. I feel good like I’ve come home. Time will tell.

Comments on: "Here We Go!" (5)

  1. Congratulations! Well planned. And well executed. Maggie’s on a roll!!

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  2. Sending you good thought!! A new journey!

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  3. […] thought back to this time last year when I packed up and moved up here.  It was a huge step of leaving Miami behind, leaving my 20+ year career and identity, leaving my […]


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