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I Respect Her but….

I’m reading a free O magazine that AARP sent me. That was a pretty pathetic sentence for someone of my tender years <wink>. Anyway, I like and have always respected Oprah. I think she is smart, insightful, however, the bloom is coming off my Oprah rose. “Why?” you ask.

I am reading this article about her favorite breakfast. Her personal chef, Eddie, makes this amazing poached egg dish. 16 ingredients not including salt, pepper and olive oil. Shaved percorino cheese, truffle zest, fresh peas, baby shiitake mushrooms. This one egg dish takes over 30 minutes to throw together. Who has time, patience and money to make this? Anyone with a personal chef I’m guessing.

Her magazine, now that I am on a hard core spending fast is about more, more, more. Spend more money on stuff, experiences, self-care/love, etc., etc.

And while I am ranting about Oprah (I have no idea why she has rubbed me wrong today), let’s talk about her investment in Weight Watchers. She talks about loving and accepting yourself as you are, but she plugs WW. I don’t get it. I feel a big disconnect there.

Anyway, that’s my Oprah rant. Oh, and here is the recipe. It does sound delicious.

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  1. Honestly, never been a fan of Oprah

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  2. Oprah is a business woman. That’s the part to respect, perhaps, rather than all the stuff she peddles… 😉

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  3. I lost interest in O years ago. I think the money and fame changed her.
    I don’t judge her for it really… would be hard not to…
    I think her intentions were good… but she started to believe her own hype.

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    • Right?! I always saw people in my former profession rise to great levels of success which equals tons of money. Then I would observe them getting cocky and believing their own BS. I have always thought fame, power & too much money combines into a toxic brew.

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  4. I’m with LA on this one, not a fan. I mean, not a hater, just not a fan.

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  5. I’m part of the “not a fan” club. I think she is a good business woman and that she has done some generous things (such as the school for girls in Africa). But I also find that her generosity comes across as not so much as a selfless thing — but instead something to make her look more fabulous, wealthy, and “look at me, am I not a terrific person?” I could be totally wrong, but it’s a feeling I get whenever I listen to her. She also comes across as quite fake to me — the whole sing-songy bit she does with her voice, the whole “YOU get a car…YOU get a car….YOU get a car!” I would find her much more appealing and credible if she just spoke normally instead of trying to be funny or dramatic or whatever it is she is trying to do.

    When I contrast her with someone like Ellen Degeneres, it just is more apparent. Ellen seems so much more humble, down to earth, and someone who is fun and who wouldn’t care if you were wearing sweats and a baseball cap with no makeup. Yet she also likes giving away gifts and to causes and charities. But I have no problem with her because she just seems so sincere and not in it for the glory.

    PS — I’m all about experiences, self care, travel, etc to enrich your life — but I don’t think you have to spend a bunch to do it or have the top of the line luxury trip or treatment. I dare say I get as much out of my bargain budget camping trips, Groupon massages, and penny pinching trips as some rich person does with their private this and that, 5-star hotel and VIP treatment (not that I’d turn that down if it was offered…but you know what I mean).

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  6. […] today reading Sheri Salata’s book, The Beautiful No.  It is a quick read.  Although I have expressed my reservations about Oprah, Sheri had some good moments that resonated with me.  Not enough to buy her $20 workbook, but […]


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