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Less Stuff

I am looking at my moving estimates and inventory of what’s going on the truck. Wow, I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff.

Granted I don’t have a couch right now, but I have really pared down. I still think I have too much stuff in the photo album and memorabilia area, but otherwise I feel like I have de-cluttered tremendously. I’ll regain control of that stuff when I am settled and can sort through them at my leisure.

The Hunter thinks I have too much stuff. He shakes his head at my boxes. However, I like having a few things for entertaining. Not much, but I do need 4-6 of three different types of wine glasses, a few serving dishes and the like. My dining room stuff fit into about five medium boxes. I thought that was perfectly acceptable.

I don’t think he realizes that I left a 3,000 SF house chock full of stuff six years ago. When I moved out, I vowed to never again have so much stuff. That is one vow I have kept.

This is my fourth move in the past six years. Each time I let go of stuff. These last two moves have really lightened my load.

For example, I have two small file cabinets. I never filled them up, but I was going to take one for important papers. Now I’m thinking, nope. I don’t think I need even one. Give me a plastic file bin and be done because I save all my records online.

Amazon just delivered more packing tape and paper. Yes, I see the irony of that, but they were the cheapest. I know what I will be doing this weekend – packing.

The good news is the move is coming in at or under budget.

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  1. Good news on all fronts. Just keep purging….

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