"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Me & the Tax Lady

My deal has been struck with the infamous IRS. Third call was the charm and I have signed that dreaded Form 433-D which has been approved. I am out of collections.

One effective strategy I deployed in all this is one of infinite politeness with all IRS agents. Please, thank you and all the niceties. It helps. They tend to soften a bit when they realize I have nothing but good intentions to fix my mess. I make no excuses. I just suck it up.

Now I have entered the long slog of paying it all off. It was slightly lower than I thought. I can’t wait to get home to crunch the numbers on my spreadsheet. I have hope that at the end of the year Maggie & Co will have generated enough dollars to make a sizable dent. Plus I’m thinking about cashing in a whole life insurance policy and sell some jewelry I don’t like. Those two things would pay off the IRS AND a chunk of consumer debt.

But for now I can breathe that I have taken action and fixed my problem. It feels good. My reset of my life continues….

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  1. Good for you!

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