"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

The first day at the new job felt much like the first day of school.  What do I wear?  Who will I be sitting with?  What about lunch?  Will they like me?  Will I like them?  I was definitely “nervously excited.”

The first day was great.  Actually the entire week was fantastic.  Orientation with a new guy from the Midwest, filled out some forms, got a tour of the HQ, lunch with my GF who got me the job (my boss wasn’t available, long story) and I ended it with a 2-hour conference call that was intended to get me up to speed on the various projects I will be thrown into.

The commute isn’t bad.  I have my new laptop and cell phone.  I closed out my week by completing all my video trainings, webinars and the like.  On Thursday afternoon, I shook myself and told myself, “SLOW DOWN”.  I had been feeling like I needed to produce volumes of work immediately.  That’s not the case.

Here’s the great news.  They need me, badly.  They have no idea what they don’t know.  Their current vendor has less than five years in my business.  I have over 20.  Already this week I have uncovered several errors he has made.  Interesting.  Do you hear that hammer?  It’s the nails in his coffin.  I am being very careful about how I’m handling these things.  She likes him, so I’m just collecting evidence for my case and keeping my opinions to myself.  I offer no opinions unless asked.

They have no forms, procedures, processes for what I do.  They have never had anyone in this roll.  I have already started trying to get a handle on things.  I’ve produced some spreadsheets and analyses — some that have been shared and some that are works in progress.  The vendor sent over two reports that were basically useless.  Pretty, but useless.  Much like him, come to think of it.

My boss is a very interesting woman.  She’s my age, incredibly fit and incredibly busy.  She choose the week I started to get some medical procedures done two mornings in a row, so that cut our time considerably.  I like her right now.  She’s loyal, politically savvy and knows the CEO and how his mind works.  She has ideas on what I should be doing, so I’m working on those as well.

There is another person in my department that wanted my job.  Eventually she’ll be reporting to me.  She has voiced her concerns twice to our boss.  Most recently was the week before I started.  The boss told me and asked me to spend some time shadowing said person to learn more about what she does.  Interesting.  I have my thoughts about this.  More to come as things evolve.

Overall — great week.  The entire organization moves quickly and efficiently.  If I ask for something, the response is immediate.  The workplace is clean, I mean sparkling clean.  My only regret is I get no natural light, but I can get up and walk around any time.  The commute hasn’t been an issue.

Week One I have already made positive impacts.  The Boss sent me a glowing email thanking me for my efforts so far.  Week Two I have my first out-of-office meeting.  Plus I will be running point on a very time-sensitive project.  Can’t wait to get my hands dirty.


Photo by Mesh on Unsplash

Comments on: "First Day of School, I mean Work" (3)

  1. Great first week! Can’t wait to hear how everything progresses!,

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  2. That sounds like a great fit for you!

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