"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

If Only They Knew…

I have to chuckle about being back in a normal work environment.  Nobody knows that in my previous life I was a shark, swimming around constantly looking for something to bite.  Now I am surrounded by women — I haven’t had that in decades.  Everybody is working towards the same common goals – how refreshing!  I haven’t had that in years.

This is a company run by mostly men.  There are some women in leadership, but it’s primarily the men who captain the ship.  The women I sit among are in administrative or HR roles.   My title includes the word “Manager”, and I am sitting in the C-Suite, but I have a cubicle.  I’m close to the action, but not in it.  That’s fine.

I met the Chief Strategy Officer on the first week.  My Boss had asked me to read the strategic plan (I’m geeky enough that I love that shit and immediately did so).  He strolled into her office while we were wrapping up a quick meeting.  She introduced him.  I complimented his strategic plan and quoted a couple of goals in it.  It surprised him.  My Boss was pleased that I had done my homework.  I made her look good.

The COO was talking to an admin about a new company and their goals.  I chimed in with some recent market information about them.  I wasn’t really butting in, I promise.  His eyebrows raised.  In a good way.  We chatted a bit more about the new company from both our perspectives.

I had coffee with my BFF over the weekend to debrief on the first week.  One of my concerns is being out of touch eventually.  She agreed and said I needed to make a concerted effort to stay in touch with industry news, etc.  We laughed about me now being in with a normal company filled with normal people.

I am meeting normal people and having lunch with them, chatting with them.  The social aspect is awesome for me. However, I smile because they haven’t had to hunt down their prey in order to survive.  They show up to their job, do it, go home, repeat and then get a paycheck every two weeks.  Amazing concept, but one I could get use to.

Anyway, I am sticking to my tactic of being a private person.  I don’t volunteer information about myself.  My humor is poking out all over the place.  Friday was the last day for one of the admins, she told my GF that I was a lot of fun to be around.  Excellent.  My plan is working…


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  1. Good week! Be true to yourself…everything else follows

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