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The Tax Man Cometh

I called the IRS this week so I can begin the process of paying my back taxes.  I had tried registering on the on-line system, but it didn’t want anything to do with me.

After waiting on hold for one hours.  Yes, one hour during which I took a shower, dried my hair, shredded some papers, cleaned out some files and other mundane tasks.  I finally got a real live person on the phone. Mr. L with a badge number.  Very official.

The reason I couldn’t do the online is that the IRS doesn’t have a record of my 2018 tax return.  He wasn’t surprised by that because April 15th had only recently passed and they were still loading returns into the system.  Then he said that they don’t have my 2017 return.  Hang on, Mr. L.  I sent that via my accountant as an e-return on time.  Nope, we don’t have it.  Uh oh.

I proceeded with politeness and asked him what I needed to do.  Do I have a fax machine?  No.  Do I have access to one where I could fax the return while on the phone with the IRS?  Um, not nearby, I would have to call back.  Mr. L says I could mail the missing returns in or fax them.  I ask for the address because I figure mailing may be easier for me.  I also get a more direct line than the phone tree labyrinth I successfully navigated.  I knew I couldn’t accomplish that a second time.

Now I have a record with the IRS.  They have opened a file on me.  They have notes in the system stating that I have promised to call back by such and such date with either an update or I’ll be standing beside a fax machine.

I called my accountant whose reaction was, “WTF”.  I had to swing by his office today to sign some stuff so he can sign and we can send the duplicate returns to the address provided.  I’m waiting for the tracking info so I can call back and sit on hold for another hour.

Now here’s the interesting part for me:  I feel no anxiety, no despair, panic or any negative emotion about this.  I just feel matter-of-fact about the need to get this fixed.  Much the same way I felt at the dentist.  Yeah, another same day task.

I went to a new dentist because the Hunter had bartered with the dentist and had a credit which covered a deep cleaning.  Yay!  With the X-rays, they found a nice size cavity on my molar and my other molar has a crack.  I knew about that crack and it’s grown since I last went to my Miami dentist.  I need a crown plus the cavity repair to the tune of $1,700 and I have no dental insurance.

I ask if we can wait until my dental insurance kicks in.  It would be 6-7 months before I would get coverage for major dental work.  I’ve already waited three years, but something told me to wait no longer.  That molar crack is now on both sides of my tooth.  If it breaks, I lose the tooth and am faced with an implant.  Ugh.

So I’m scheduled for a crown.  I really hate the dentist, but I sat there like a trooper and just endured.  My hygienist was a charming man who coaxed me through the cleaning like a champ.  I’ll be fine.  I gotta get it done –just like the taxes.  Wow, I’m being a real adult these days — that’s a new one!


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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