"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Vacay Coming Up!

I tell you my luck continues to bless me.  This weekend my lovely daughter gave me a great massage and then my BFF took me out to a grand dinner to celebrate the new job.  It was a lovely day.

Then I got a text from another GF inviting me to join her and her hubby at my absolute most favorite beach paradise in Florida.  It will be Memorial Day weekend, my last hurrah before the job starts.  They have to tent their house for termites, so they are combining it with a weekend getaway.  I can hardly wait.

I invited the Hunter but he declined.  He doesn’t like my GF enough to want to spend the weekend with her.  Whatever.  I’ll have more fun without him anyway — I don’t want a wet blanket dragging along behind me.  But he did graciously say that he would set up the bike rack so I can take my bike with me.

This beach is where we took the kids every year at least once a year for over a decade.  It has very fond memories for me.  If I could live there year round, I would.  It is paradise for me.

It will be hilarious being the third wheel on this trip.  Fortunately my GF’s hubby is a low-key, easy-going guy who enjoys my company.  Now I have to get very busy finalizing work stuff over here.  I’m close to being done which is incredibly surprising.  A few memos to write and calls to make, but things are falling into place nicely.

Thank you, Karma.  I am a very, very lucky woman these days.  Now excuse me, I gotta start packing….


Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

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