"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Over 400

Wow, this is Blog Post 402 or something like that — 400 blog posts.  What an accomplishment!  Congratulations to me!

As I read back through some of them, I was searching for some answers, some patterns and just exploring what has been on my mind since I started writing.  Here are some of the themes that have emerged:

  • Between work, the place I was renting and money struggles, I have been under a great deal of stress.
  • That all leads to the fact that I haven’t been very happy.
  • I’m not doing that much these days — work, write, read.  I don’t have many friends that I spend time with.
  • Income instability has reached a peak, but I hope to change that soon.
  • This blog started out about my sexual awakening and it woke up, that’s for sure, however, my “dating maturity” was that of a teenager.  Live and learn, live and learn.  I have done that as well.

Anyway, back to this wonderful blog.  It gives me great joy.  Joy to write down my thoughts and feelings in a safe place.  Joy to meet the wonderful people who comment and whose blogs I follow.  Joy to feel creative.  Thank you all.


Comments on: "Over 400" (3)

  1. Sexual awakening? I’m going to have to dig through your archives…;)

    I’m writing romantic fiction with a stint in erotica (pretty soft stuff) to push beyond my boundaries. As I’ve said on my blog: if not now, when? Ha. 🙂

    Congrats on the 400!

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  2. What a great journey…400 is a huge no .i am a new blogger…this post of yours is motivational for people who just started writing…

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