"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

If, Then

I applied for a job that, if I even got it, would mean I would need to move about 3 hours away.  At first I didn’t say anything to the Hunter because it’s only a job application.  Who knows if I even make the cut for a phone interview much less a job offer.

My problem is that I have a very vivid imagination coupled with extreme optimism.  Of course, I submitted the application and began imaging moving to that town.  Where would I live?  That meant checking out some housing websites and reviews of the area.

What’s the company like?  I have to google them and venture down the Glassdoor rabbit hole of reviews and other information.  I need to tap this down because then when I get rejected, it stings a bit more.

Anyway, the Hunter asks what’s up and discovers I am looking at real estate in this town that is several hours away.  Why, he asks.  I tell him I submitted an application.

“I don’t want to move there.  We are just getting settled here”, he responds.  “Why do you want to go work a 9-5 job somewhere?  Don’t you want your freedom?”

Therein lies the underlying problems.  Yes, I would like to have my freedom, however, my definition of freedom is changing.  Right now I want financial freedom and if that means a 9-5 job, then so be it.  The thought of a steady paycheck every two weeks is intoxicating to me.

“It’s just an application,” I respond.  “Who knows where that will go”.

“True”,  he replied.  “You can always commute until you are sure it’s a go.”

“I wouldn’t commute six hours a day.”

“True. You could come down here for the weekends and get something up there for the week.”

That whole conversation gave me pause.  Who would benefit from that arrangement?  It certainly wouldn’t be me.  Now I would have two households to support and maintain?  That doesn’t seem economically feasible.

I do understand his point because we moved much too quickly for his short-lived job. We agreed that in the future no big moves or decisions during any probation period was probably a wise move.

Yes, I have a 2-year lease renewal that I just signed, so I would have to figure out something with my landlord.  Fortunately they are large enough that they have options up there, so perhaps I could transfer my lease.  Too soon to say.  Like I mentioned above, my optimism runs away with me.

But the entire conversation has proven to be very illuminating because I am and will be applying for jobs all over the state.  I have no fear or hesitation of moving.  My nest is empty and I can travel light.  Bring it on.  It is time for my little boat to head for safe harbor.

I am ready for adventure and new beginnings, but will the Hunter be as well?


Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

Comments on: "If, Then" (2)

  1. Don’t jump all over the Hunter just yet. I sense he’s just trying to go with the flow and not provoke any waves. I think he’s being very good not getting intimidated by your nonchalance at moving 2-3 hours away.

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    • True, but he has wanted to do this, so I was surprised when he back-pedaled. It’s possibly a symptom that more and more I am thinking that I want to be alone again. I feel like I have a roommate most days and the intimacy has been fading….


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