"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Something Has to Change

I don’t know exactly what, but I do know that I’m not living the life I want. Let me count the ways:

  1. Work: I work alone in a stressful job that will only get harder as I age. That’s a fact, Jack. I think more often about my mentor. I watched her slowly age out of our profession and it became painful at the end. She was savvy enough to know it was age combined with gender. I was at an industry event last night and it was such a “Bro” culture. I was one of 5 women out of a crowd of 30+. Three of those women were hosts of the event. I found myself standing alone in the crowd several times and had to basically force myself into conversation circles. I hate that with a passion.
    2. Health: I’m too fat and too lazy. That’s the blunt assessment. I need to exercise more and watch my food choices. Improving my health will improve other areas of my life. I know what I need to do, now I just need to do it.
    3. FOMO: I find myself listening to people talk about trips, concerts, festivals, restaurants — all stuff I really don’t do any more. I miss that stuff. The Hunter isn’t one to embrace those activities and I also have to admit that money does play a role as well.

I just feel like taking my current situation/life and crumpling it up like a piece of paper and tossing it into the trash. Then I can pull out a fresh piece of paper and start again.

But how? I just renewed the lease for my home for two years. I need to finish up some work projects so I have some money in the bank.

I need a plan. I need a timetable. I need to think about what changes I need and go from there. So what steps can I take towards re-designing my life?

1. Get rid of all my debt. That will lower my monthly overhead which gives me breathing room and freedom to begin saving again.
2. Debt includes paying my back taxes
3. Get the other certification I have been thinking about
4. Get a part-time job in that new field so I can build up new skills while getting paid to learn. It will also let me determine if I will like this.
5. Have an informational lunch/coffee with a couple of women who have the type of job I am thinking about transitioning to. I need to talk to people and get their ideas on how to shift my career. This may be the most important step because that will tell me if this shift is viable.  It can also tell me if the certification and part-time job are necessary.

If I can do the above in the next two years, which is very feasible, my townhouse lease will be expiring and I’ll have a better sense of if this new career shift is feasible.

Maybe the side hustle works and I can transition to that profession full-time and maybe it doesn’t so I can try something else.

I need to do something. I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. I can do better. I can be better. The questions are “At what?” and “How?”


Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Unsplash

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