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I’ve Got Cooties & Insomnia

Ever since my fiasco of an interview with the OppA CEO, I haven’t been feeling good.  That eye infection moved on, but then I got some other crud.  I think it came from this hussy who SHOOK MY HAND and then told me she had a throat infection.  Guess what I have had for the past week — a throat infection.

I don’t know if it combined with the eye infection, but man, I have been under the weather for the past 10 days.  Operating at 75%, not sleeping worth a damn (more on that) and just not feeling good in general. Last weekend I spent a day with my BFF and while I had fun, I felt off (sore throat) and was wiped out the next day.

With a modest amount of congestion plus my sore throat, I am apparently adding quite a bit of volume to my snoring.  The Hunter has been complaining more than usual and this has lead to me having horrible sleeping habits this week.

I have bursts of bad sleeping habits.  I am a recovering Sunday Night Insomniac.  During my 40’s I would have Sunday nights where I just didn’t want to go to bed and would stay up late.  Then when I crawled to bed at 1 or 2 am, I would wake my Ex who would get all bitchy, so then I would just stay up virtually all night to avoid that drama.

I have lapsed back into that when the Hunter complained about my snoring.  He’s a light sleeper, so it doesn’t take much to wake him up.  I have been hanging out downstairs with the ipad and TV — horrible, horrible companions when it comes to sleep.  Once again, I justify it by not wanting to wake him.

Then I don’t get enough sleep which leads to a migraine (my Friday treat), not giving myself enough rest to fight my cold and generally contributing to my resting bitch face.

I know what I need to do, but I need to do it.  Let me break this down and see how I can fix this:

  • Issue #1:  the Hunter’s sleeping patterns.  This man is an Early Bird/Long Sleeper.  He loves about 9 hours and heads to bed around 9:00 – 9:30.  He takes a shower around 8:30 and he’s out by 9:00.  Sometimes he falls asleep in front of the TV around 8:00.  It doesn’t take much for me to wake him up if I come into bed later, then he may gently grumble a bit that I wake him up.  I will say that the Kracken gets him up once or twice to go outside, so I’m not the only one waking him up.
  • Issue #2:  I’m a Pleaser.  I try to be considerate and avoid disturbing him. This involves both my snoring and my Bedtime routines I want to do before bed, but can’t if he’s already asleep.
  • Issue #3:  Stress management.  When I am nodding off, I have to stop my brain from racing to my To Do List or my Stress List (things that are concerning me).  If I’m alone, I listen to music or a podcast — some voice to focus on other than the one in my head.  I will fall asleep in about 15 minutes this way.  Listening to my inner voice can keep me up all night.  Sigh.

What are my solutions to this:  I have thought of a couple of things.

  1. Do my sleep prep early (wash my face/take a shower or whatever) by 7:30 or so.  This will allow me to slip into bed quietly if the Hunter has already gone to sleep, so I’ll be ready and not have that as an avoidance excuse.
  2. I need to climb into bed at 9:30 and have NO screen time for that 1/2 hour of relaxation before lights out by 10:00.  If the Hunter is already asleep, I need to figure out a reading light (perhaps a camping headlamp).
  3. Maybe I can use the wireless earbuds my son gave me for Xmas so I can listen to something as I go to sleep.  The Hunter likes quiet.
  4. Make sure I’m taking a decongestant, some Vicks and use the snoring nose strips to help minimize my snoring.  Losing weight will help this also, but for the short term, I think it’s more of an airflow situation.

Most importantly, I need to use my words and have a chat with the Hunter.  We need to figure out a compromise of some form here.  I need to stabilize my nighttime routine because it truly impacts my day.  In a perfect world, I want to be asleep by 10:00 (yep, I’m an old fart) and up by 6:00 so I have time to exercise and journal in the morning.

He’s heading back from the woods later today, so I MUST chat with him about it today.  It’s Sunday and I can’t continue to lose so much sleep.  I need to take care of myself first and foremost.  (Yes, I have to remind myself that what I need is incredibly important and essential for my happiness — I’m a work in progress).


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  1. My wife is a light sleeper and is forever complaining about me disturbing her sleep because I’m still awake and doing my best to be still and quiet in bed. A lot of times, I’d just get up and go to the living room and keep myself occupied until I was finally ready to sleep but that kinda pissed her off, too, so what I figured out via something I’d read was to get a sleep mask and put my earbuds in and listen to a set of audiobooks I had handy; the narrator’s voice would eventually put me to sleep and it’s a practice I continue to employ today.

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    • Thanks for the sleep mask idea! I just ordered one for us to try.


      • Found that if I keep any light out of my eyes with the mask, the better chances I have to sleep and stay asleep. I listen to music or audiobooks on my iPad; once I decide what I wanna listen to, I start it playing and switch the iPad off so its light won’t bother me as well.

        It’s worked for quite a few years now.

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  2. I may sound strange but… has he considered wearing earplugs? That would mean you can still do a quiet routine and he could go on sleeping…
    Just a suggestion!
    I mean, it’s what I did when I was in hospital!
    Hope you find your solution!

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