"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

4 Years Ago….

I can hardly believe that it’s been four years since the Hunter and I first began noticing each other which lead to dating and rapidly behind that living together.  Four years…  If you want to wander down memory lane, you can read about our first couple of dates in these posts:

I have been thinking of that because we just returned from a 4-night camping trip at the same spot.  It was lovely.  I relaxed and enjoyed it.  We biked, did a little hiking, had a couple of day trips.  We were busy but not too busy.  Our campsite was pleasant and the Kracken was fun to have around.  We got home before New Years Eve so the Hunter can shoot off his fireworks (big kid that he is).  I reminded him that our News Years fuckfest will need to happen before midnight because when we got all sexy last year at midnight, we kept getting interrupted by my kids.  He laughed and agreed.

I haven’t been working, but I have been thinking and planning.  Today I was spending some time thinking about 2018 accomplishments both personal and professional.  I had some good ones.  I’m actually doing better than I was in 2017 and I need to pat myself on the back for that.  Some of my highlights:

  • On the business side, I made good progress gaining new clients and keeping up on my business development stuff.  Better than I perhaps give myself credit for.
  • I transferred stuff to QuickBooks and got it up and running.
  • I didn’t borrow any $$ which was my plan at the beginning of the year.  Instead I cut expenses and managed my $$ better.  Not easy, definitely stressful, but less expensive.
  • On the personal side, I moved out of the previous place we hated and kicked the old landlord’s ass regarding our security deposit.  Thank goodness!!
  • I de-cluttered dramatically and it feels fantastic.
  • We got a housekeeper (thank you, Hunter!)

2019 is going to be the year of Enrichment.  I’ll write more about that later.  For now, Happy New Year and remember:  Sex either before or after the Magic Countdown Moment because otherwise you will be interrupted at the most inopportune time….


Photo by Dan Whale on Unsplash

Comments on: "4 Years Ago…." (3)

  1. Happy New Year 🎆🎈🎊❤️

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  2. No sex for me tonight. I’m alone in a bed I don’t know but had a good time and feel lucky that people arranged their plans so I could tag along.
    I’m also gearing up to our 4th anniversary. How time flies!
    Enjo your sexy time! Wishing you all you wish for in 2019!

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