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Just Keep Swimming

This week is both great and not-so-great.  For the first time in perhaps a couple of months, my calendar is virtually empty.  I have one networking event that I am pairing with a drink with an old work buddy, but otherwise, zilch.

First thing I did was clean up my office.  Tidied up my desk so I can see its surface.  I am writing some stuff both here and for my work blog.  I feel relaxed and happy to have some time to think, but…..

My business coach last week told me the reason I was doing well was that I was taking lots of consistent action.  Those two words:  consistent and action have always been a struggle for me.  Now that I have a lull, I need to double-down on both of those words.

However, even though I need to create actions, it is also time for me to start working on my business plan for 2019.  Yes, I am one of those folks who comes up with goals, writes them down and tracks them (OK, the tracking part is a bit sporadic, but please refer to the consistency issue stated above).  As I prepare for this, I will undergo a review of what sources generate my best clients so I can intensify those efforts and dump the non-productive stuff.  It’s always an interesting exercise.  Random Fate plays a role and she’s always hard to quantify.

One recurring idea that has popped into my head over the past couple of weeks is that I want to launch another business development effort — public speaking.  It’s been on my list for years, but I haven’t tackled it (please refer to the consistency and action issues stated above).

Yes, I am one of those weird people that has little trepidation about standing in front of folks and talking.  I enjoy Toastmasters (and need to return).  My content and themes need some polishing, but I can whip out a perfectly fine 10-15 minute presentation for the masses with little anxiety.  I have come up with target audiences, people to partner with to create a mini-seminar, worked on general content ideas, etc.  The idea is taking shape nicely and will be able to launch easily in 2019 if not sooner.

However, this thought popped into my head.  Why public speaking?  I do great when I engage one-on-one with people, so why am I seemingly avoiding business development opportunities that create those one-on-one opportunities?  I have two in particular that I avoid like the plague because they are too “salesy” for me.  I have never done them enough to say if they work or not for me because they are confrontational and I have never felt comfortable with them.  The comfort situation is my fault because if I would just do them consistency I could at least get to a place of complacent indifference.  Since i don’t do these tasks, it’s hard to quantitatively determine if they work or not for me.  I need to mull that over.

The other thing my coach and I discussed is getting my fees increased.  I’m not making enough per client.  There has to be a decent minimum involved for me to roll out of bed.  This year I grabbed whatever came my way.  I think next year I can be a bit more discerning and that should give me more time to work on business development.  Of course, when you have fewer clients paying more $$, there is always a bit more concern when one goes to shit….

All right, enough procrastinating.  Let me get to work on my stuff that actually makes money and make a list of the crap I can get done this week administratively now that I have some free time.  Finding an accountant is at the top of that list of yucky stuff I need to do….


Remember Dora in “Finding Nemo”?  Just keep swimming…Photo by David Clode on Unsplash



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  1. I think you got this. Sounds totally like you’re on the right track and laying the groundwork’s for success

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