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I’m a Luddite

I spent a rainy Labor Day setting up my new laptop and here I am at noon the next day STILL working on moving stuff over and getting it set up.  Holy shit, this is not an easy process.  No wonder I have been procrastinating for MONTHS.  I still have two programs to upload and get started.  Ugh.

Even with my propensity to google everything, this is still a slog through the thick mud of technical wizardry that I simply don’t understand.  I have persevered and I see the end in sight.  Plus, I keep reminding myself that I was way overdue on this upgrade.  Even though my previous laptop ran on Windows 10, it was 7 years old.  It’s days were numbered and I would rather switch while it still works just in case of emergency.

Excuse me, time for my next upload.  I am digging the touch screen…..


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  1. Once upon a time, Microsoft had a program that would easily transfer your stuff from one computer to another – then they got rid of it. There are other folks who make transfer programs, like LapLink – but they’re kinda expensive and most people can’t really figure out how to use such a program and wind up copying their entire old drive and overwriting the new drive – this is bad… very bad.

    That it’s taking you a while doesn’t make you a Luddite – it just takes a while to set up a new computer; doing the Windows updates on a new computer alone can take hours to complete.


    • Thanks – I just have no patience combined with the changes of the appearance in the Office products. Geez, where have I been?!


      • Office 365 is a shock to the system even as I found out and I keep my computers (all five of them) current on all Office products; 365 winds up being less expensive that buying the whole Office suite and, yeah, the changes they made in Office as a whole takes a moment to adjust to.


      • It’s a steep learning curve. Now I just discovered that when I backed up the files from the old laptop, the file extensions were all corrupted. Nothing is opening. Dropbox folks are trying to help. I need to work because I have deadlines. This is no bueno…. I have entered the gates of computer hell. I may have to give up and go to the Geek Squad and get it resolved.


      • Ouch! If your old computer is still working, that might make your life easier while you get the new one sorted out. For me, this is stupidly simple to do but it’s also what I did for a living for 21 years…

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      • Thanks, after a hot soak in the bath I came to the same conclusion. I need to take a step back & be patient. Sigh. I’m too busy this week for tech drama.


      • The drama is part of the deal these days… and we all mist be equal to the task or we’ll get left behind or, worse, lose customers to those who just deal with this stuff. You’ll be fine as long as you get the Geek Squad on the case.


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