"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

I’m Hangry

This Big Hairy Project (aka my diet) has been working.  No doubt about it.  I’m down 7 pounds and have lost inches everywhere.  I managed to take a weekend getaway and stay on the plan.  The Hunter was impressed.

I haven’t lost any weight this week, but I know why.  Between the trip and my LACK OF EXERCISE, I am sliding off the track.  The exercise is because I’m not planning my days well.  In my defense, my meetings have been popping up unexpectedly and I have little control.  So far this week I have had early morning meetings every day, which is rare for me, but unavoidable this week.  Then it’s been raining when the evening comes.  I’m not a complete sloth, and did go run/walk about 2 miles on Monday, but I’m not in my usual routine.  I feel it.

The other mistake I’m making is that I don’t have food ready to go.  I don’t have a batch of bone broth whipped up and I don’t have an easy meal to warm up.  This leads me to getting really hungry and then heading out to get a salad or something.  No bueno because a) that’s expensive and b) I can’t control all the ingredients so I don’t know if it’s 100% on the plan.

Now that I have acknowledged and identified the problem, I need to fix it.  But that fix won’t be happening anytime soon.  This week is crazy busy (for which I am grateful).  Hopefully the 3-day weekend will give me time to get back on track.

I also have to say that this sugar abstinence situation sucks.  I’m finding it harder and harder to walk into a grocery store or any situation where there are cookies, cupcakes and the like staring up at me saying, “Maggie, I miss you!  You know how delicious I am — just a nibble.”  And coffee — I really miss coffee with sugar and cream.  Yum….

Geez, I am seriously empathetic towards those with legit hardcore addiction issues.  My silly shit is tough for me, so my heart goes out to those with serious addictions.

I’m on my way to the kitchen.  I need food.  I’m hangry….. that fucking cupcake paragraph just about did me in….


Sugar, caffeine, bread — I miss you all!  Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


Comments on: "I’m Hangry" (2)

  1. Having fasted a few times, I can tell you that what you expect the experience of eating sugar again will be a big disappointment.
    After such a cleanse, everything will feel overly sweet/greasy.
    Well done for staying on course.
    Good luck with continuing the journey!

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