"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Sex is Good

My sex life has definitely perked up lately.  Now that the stress of moving, money, the IRS, fighting with the old landlord and other stressors (as if that all wasn’t enough) have faded, the Hunter and I have been frisky lately.  I have to give the man a lot of credit — he is creative.

He is enamored with the oversized bathtub in our bedroom.  I bought him a big bag of Epsom salts and he’s blissful.  After a long day of work/errands/chores, he enticed me to join him.  I lit some candles, put on some music and we sank into a delicious soak….and then a delicious fuck because of course he wanted to try out EVERYTHING with the bathtub.  I love the man’s spontaneity and creativity when it comes to sex.  It was a fun evening.

Something on his To-Do list is to fuck on the stairs — we haven’t gotten to that.  But we have tried out the daybed (great) and the new master bedroom (awesome).  I am so grateful that he puts the time and energy into keeping things fresh.

That’s all for now.  I have a journal full of random thoughts, so I’ll try to get some of them into the blog.  Life is good.  We are both busy and excited about our upcoming vacation.  More on that later also.  Ciao for now!


Photo by Robb Leahy on Unsplash



Comments on: "Sex is Good" (2)

  1. First thing that came to mind… yes, I know, it shows my age!

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  2. So happy to read all this! 🙂

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