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Money Well Spent

My previous landlord is a bitch.  She always wants an argument and let’s call her what she is:  a bully.  I went over to the old place to walk thru it with her boyfriend.  Since she always provokes drama, somehow he thankfully got her to agree not to be there.  We went through it and he had two additional items he wanted fixed immediately because they have a new tenant moving in over the weekend.

Wait a minute — a new tenant?  My lease is through the end of the month and they never cancelled the remaining portion of my lease so that hussy thought she was going to get rent from the new folks plus my already-paid rent?  Not so fast, Sweet Cheeks.

I sent off an email requesting payment of that rent and the fireworks began.  They made ridiculous damage claims, allegedly called the police to say I had no right to enter the property and basically told me to shut up and do as I am told.  I was burning up — so upset.  The Hunter was telling me to stand up for myself as I was about to cave and just settle for my full security deposit. I was physically uncomfortable and stressed.

Then it dawned on me as I had a flashback to the fourth grade.  I was being bullied just like I had been in the fourth grade.  I had a woman bullying me and belittling me.  Fuck that shit.  I’m too smart for that, so what to do, what to do?

I realized that I needed an advocate — someone to fight my fight without my emotional baggage and with hard, cold facts.  I need an attorney.  My Ex is an attorney but he has made it clear that although we are civil, I get no more free advice from him.  I know a bunch of attorneys but quite honestly I was a bit embarrassed and didn’t want to call in a favor on this petty issue.

I had gone on a legal website to research this whole issue and saw that my instincts were right — I needed to act now before the tenant moves in and yes, I am more than entitled to the money.  From that site, I selected a lovely female attorney, former badass military.  For a very well-spent $250 she wrote an eloquent letter telling my bully that she was WRONG and oh, so WRONG and that we would SUE THE SHIT OUT OF HER which will end up costing the hussy more $$ in legal fees, etc.

I forwarded the letter/email on to the Hunter with a note:  “Hear that sound…it’s the landlord’s head exploding….”  Hehehehe, now I’m back to having fun.

angry woman

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

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