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I’m Cranky

I used to rant regularly on Mondays here on this blog and then I managed to stop, but NOT TODAY, MISSY!!  I am about to go on a full scale rant about everything that is PISSING ME OFF.  Let’s work backwards or whatever is on the top of my mind, here goes:

  • Just got an email from a potential client that I have been gently coaxing and nursing along for TWO YEARS only to get a “we went with someone else”.  That client OWED ME one for helping him out when he got his panties in a bind.  I did the right thing, he seemed contrite and wanted to do the right thing also by working with me when the time was right.  I kept in touch, called, visited, etc. and he said, “OK, we’ll be ready to roll this out in May.”  Here we are in May and he says, “Nope, went with someone else last month.”  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???
  • Had another business client email on Friday and these idiots are going backwards, not forward.   WTF?  I called to confirm, yep, they are going backwards.  I have no idea what will happen there and I’m left scratching my head over something that was suppose to be pretty straightforward.
  • Yet another client wants to end our project because she’s impatient and doesn’t want to spend anymore money.  I get it, I really do, but she’s got a tough project and doesn’t realize it.  Anyway, that may be for the best, I just hate losing.
  • My cell phone got stolen last week when the Hunter and I took the Kracken to the dog park.  The Hunter left the car unlocked and they got my cell phone and drivers license. They left his shitty phone behind. I spent two business days without a phone plus the circle jerk of my wireless carrier and Apple pointing fingers at each other while I struggled to activate the new phone.  I’ve lost stuff because I back up to the computer, lost productivity right before move week.  Not a happy time.
  • I had to deliver deposit checks twice to the new landlord who neglected to say that all deposits have to be via money order or cashiers checks…..
  • The current landlord is pissed off with us.  The Hunter gives just as good as she does which pisses her off.  I had the pleasure of writing a zippy email outlining why they are wrong on some of the stuff among other things.  I’m trying to keep the Hunter from vandalizing the property in some weird way that will end up biting me in the tuckus, I’m sure.
  • The Hunter and I got into an argument this weekend about his road rage when we drove around the urban metropolis running his errands for 4-1/2 hours.  I finally couldn’t take it and told him to cut it out to which he replied that I can’t tell him what to do.  It was ugly.  We still aren’t in a happy place and our move is this week beginning tomorrow.
  • I can’t figure out what my next career move is going to be.  I’m doing a bad job on my job search.  I can’t apply to stuff online — my level doesn’t apply online.  I have to do the whole “informational interview” approach and that’s tough when I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I’m working through the “Designing Your Life” book (strongly recommend), but I’m not in a happy spot to do the analysis portion with any veracity.  I’m tabling that while we move.
  • I feel like I’m doing ALL THE PACKING.  OK, granted most of the stuff is mine, but hello.  Pack a couple of boxes once in awhile, dude.
  • Oh yeah and it’s raining– a lot and will probably rain during our move.

Anyway, whew, that’s enough for now.  I’m miserable.  Really miserable, but hopeful.  Weird, right?  I’m hoping that a new environment/home will help clear my head.  I hope that continuing to lower expenses will lessen my financial anxiety.  I do have some good news:  Robin is happy and productive in her new job.  I’m so happy for her.


Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash


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  1. A good rant once in a while helps clear the mind 😊
    Glad we could help with this. Hope it gets better soon.

    Good luck with the move!

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