"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

A Hunter’s Tale

We went out to breakfast and passed by a franchise of a massage place.  There has been a flurry of lawsuits and accusations of sexual misconduct by various masseuses in various locations of this particular franchise in my neck of the woods.  I told the Hunter about it and he laughed because he already knew that franchise was notorious.

“Wait a minute, it was male masseuses that were accused”, I explained.  He commented that he had come across females willing to provide a happy ending.  “Wait, what — there, not an Asian massage parlor?”  Yes there, he tells me.

“I was never offered a happy ending,” I pout.  He laughed again — they will never offer he explains.  You have to ask.  “How the heck do you ask?”  You throw down $100 on the table. “Seriously — you are just messing with me,” I squeal.  Nope, it’s the truth.

The Hunter explains his slick tactic.  He tells the girl that she works hard, she’s pretty and offers to give her a massage.  He gets her on the table and gives her a massage.  His crotch happens to be right at her head as she is face down….and he ends up with a blow job.  That’s one strategy.  He has others….

I am speechless.  “Seriously — you have done this?  It’s that easy?”  He laughs and says yes.  He says so many of these women and sex workers he has come across are so abused both verbally and physically that as soon as he is nice to them, they are more than accommodating.  They will date him if he wants, provide freebies all because he schmoozed them with his sexy voice and gentle words.

I have known from the beginning that the Hunter has quite an extensive sexual history involving strippers, other sex workers, women he worked with, women he met through work, and generally any attractive woman that crossed his path.  We have few secrets and absolutely no judgement.  I just found it hilarious today to pry that little vignette out of him.


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