"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Dear Hunter

My Love,
Technology can be cruel and I apologize. I had no idea that my blog pops on your tablet whenever a post goes up. You have had a front row seat of my innermost thoughts for many, many months.

As we had discussed at the beginning of our relationship and during this two counseling sessions, my blog is how I process. It’s my inner mental journey, so you have seen my secrets while I have not seen your innermost thoughts.

I know I have caused you hurt and I am deeply sorry. You are a kind, wonderful man who treats me only with respect and kindness. It breaks my heart to see you angry and hurt because of me. I don’t have answers.

Do I ask you to radically comprise to fit what I want? Is that fair? We both agree that we aren’t staying in this house when the lease is up, but what’s next? What about the Kracken? I believe we have an obligation to him. We got him, he stays. I will just have to suck it up.

Now you just left having told me that in your mind we are officially over. I’m heartbroken. You are in so much pain because of me and I am so very sorry. I do love you. You have brought joy to me and I am causing you pain.


Comments on: "Dear Hunter" (9)

  1. Oh my gosh. Poor Hunter. That has to have been so hard to read.
    I wish you both peace… with whatever you both decide

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  2. Oh no, Maggie. I empathize so much with what you are going through. My thoughts are with you and the Hunter right now. xoxoxoxo

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  3. Oh no Dearest Maggie. My heart breaks for both of you right now. Sending big hugs and big love 💗

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  4. There need to be apologies very quick … and large helpings of crow eaten.

    Then passionate make up sex.

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    • Working on the crow eating. I’m also getting some stuff out I needed to have said before it built up so much. I do love the man — how he can put up my crazy self is a testament to his amazing self.

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  5. […] inserting my foot very firmly in my mouth and not realizing that the Hunter has been reading along with all of you, it’s time to explain the aftermath.  The Hunter was hurt and angry […]


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