"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Irmageddon Part 2

brickell irmaIt is surreal to see a street you had just walked down the previous week suddenly become a rushing river of storm surge.  The landscape of my familiar world has been devastated by the storm, but we were lucky.  Incredibly lucky.  Irma didn’t hit us directly but veered off to the west, so South Florida was sideswiped.  It’s just that a hurricane’s sideswipe results in millions without power, debris everywhere and daily lives completely off track.

The great news is that the Hunter and I came through the storm with flying colors.  Our little suburban area didn’t lose power or internet.  We stayed at tropical storm winds throughout and damage was minimal.  We were among the luckiest in South Florida.  My work schedule will be very light for now because of gas and power shortages coupled with nobody working generally.  The Hunter is out early and should be very busy for the next month or so if things line up for him.

I am suffering from cabin fever and my mind is gravitating to what I call stinkin’ thinkin’.  I am fighting the cabin fever, yet here I sit in a quiet house with just the dogs feeling a bit non-essential.  Yes, I have to sadly admit I have a bit of FOMO.  Tomorrow I will head into Miami to check on some clients and that should help.  I also told myself this morning to use this week to work on some database activities and things that will help me in the long run but don’t require outside interaction.  I have also reached out to a bunch of folks asking if they need help or supplies.

I shouldn’t complain.  Taz called me last night and invited me to the Big Apple for the weekend to escape all the mayhem.  I’m checking airlines today.  Getting out should be easy, getting back will be interesting.  I was scheduled to spend a week with my parents enjoying the Fall colors at the end of the month.  I will keep to that plan, however, I may opt to fly instead of drive due to the gas shortages everywhere.

Yesterday we went out in search of a hot meal before curfew because I was desperate to get out, but the lines were too long and the restaurants were running out of food. I was thrilled to be driving around just a little.  We came home and I made a sandwich instead, but my cabin fever subsided.  The Hunter fucked me pretty good and that helped me sleep.  We’ve had his son, Nino, here for the storm and he just headed back today.  He lives with his grandfather and caretaker.  His grandfather evacuated with the Hunter’s sister to a safe hotel nearby.

Life will get back on track.  I need to stay focused.  Now, let me find a cheap flight to NYC and embrace the quiet that has finally returned to my little oasis…



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  1. So glad you guys are okay 🙂

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    • Us too — we feel blessed. I was just listening to our public radio station which is basically acting as a clearing house by providing air time for folks who need information, have information or have significant needs (nursing homes running out of diesel for their generator).

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