"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Lessons Learned

Lessons I have learned about myself.  Since my divorce four years ago, I have learned many truths about myself.  In some ways, I would say that I learned more about myself in the last four years than I learned in the previous decade, but that might be an overstatement.  Here, in a complete random order, are some of my self-discoveries both good and bad:

  • I’m impatient – that’s quite a revelation for me.
  • I’m a perfectionist – another head-spinner for me because I don’t feel like I have an attention for detail until I delegate something and it’s not perfect….
  • I’m not very emphatic, so I’m a horrible nurse and/or nurturer
  • I’m quite stubborn
  • I’m too kind with the wrong people ( like my former boss, my Ex and more)
  • I’m too trusting, again with the wrong people (like my former boss, former clients)
  • I’m not confrontational and need to improve (probably due to the explosive reactions from my Ex)
  • I’m smart and oftentimes too smart for many men (that made dating a challenge)
  • I’m a bit of a rebel and non-conformist which makes me an outlier for my professional world
  • I’m shitty with my finances and should have done a better job of saving $$
  • I’m a bit of an introvert and have to work at pushing myself to meet people
  • I’m lazy
  • I absolutely hate housework and am in no way a domestic goddess (I cannot wait until I have $$ for a weekly housekeeper again)
  • I have little self-discipline and that’s been an impediment to weight loss, time management and business development
  • I’m brave – I do brave things like get divorced after 25 years, start my own business, let the Hunter move in after only 2 months of dating, I move out of my neighborhood of 30 years
  • I’m clever at reading people, but occasionally I’m wrong – refer back to my trusting too much.
  • I’m an inspiration to many friends and family
  • I am innovative and strategic
  • People love working with me and being around me

That’s enough for now.  I want to get back to my daily affirmations, exercise and better daily planning to manage my time.  I was amazed with my time management book (Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern) that there are people out there that sometimes only have 3-4 things on their daily To-Do list.  Are you kidding me?!  That accounts for maybe an hour of a busy day for me.  It continues to dawn on me that I need to work smarter and be kinder to myself (yes, I need to be clunked on the head several times before things really stick with me – refer back to the stubborn attribute).

Rome wasn’t built in a day and Maggie & Co deserves patience and perseverance.  Business colleagues are constantly complimenting my bravery on forming my own company.  This raises questions in my mind of the Group Think prevalent in my profession.  Are they missing something or me?  I am pretty damn sure it’s the former.


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