"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

How I am Loved

I’ve never known a man like the Hunter.  He’s complex yet straightforward.  He’s a man of simple needs:  a good truck, a roof over his head, food in the frig, the outdoors, a dog to keep him company in the woods and a couple of good guns so he can hunt.

He likes simple pleasures:  a fire, a toke (0r two), nature, good comfort food.

He gives me space to flourish, but makes sure that I don’t over-work, and he does it gently so I don’t feel controlled.

He is a man thru and thru.  He’s strong, capable, resourceful — I always feel taken care of. He’s self-confident enough to not feel threatened by my career — that takes a special man.

I told him my number.  I have never told anyone my number.  It’s how much $$ I want to make.  I may hit it this year — Year 1 of Maggie & Co, but I know I will hit it in 2018 and every year thereafter.  I have never hit that number — I’ve come close, but never hit it.

I’m so lucky to have the Hunter on this journey.  I’m sure, in fact I know, people may judge us by outdated social norms that think the man should be the primary breadwinner.  I could care less about that.  I was married to such a man and it didn’t work for me.

I would far rather have a man who strives to take care of me with innumerable Acts of Service.  A man who celebrates my business savvy and wins.  A man who is so easy to live with that I’m still in awe of my good fortune.

My needs may not be as simple as the Hunter’s.  I want a nice home — which may be a bit of a challenge with the Kracken, but attainable.  I want travel to distant lands:  the beauty of Tuscany and Provence, the wilderness of Alaska.

The Hunter loves to travel, so I think he will love it too.  He gives me space to breathe deeply and in turn I can love deeply too.  I love him dearly.

I read this to the Hunter.  When I finished, I looked up at him and he was wiping his eyes.  “I hate when you write things like that,” he said.  “Why?”  I asked.  “Oh silly girl, I’m the lucky one,” and he kissed me.


Comments on: "How I am Loved" (5)

  1. I simply love this. Love the feeling of peace and contented happiness I read in it.
    Even though I don’t live with my Dancer, I feel I have a lot of that too.
    It feels good to not be guarded, isn’t it?
    I’m happy for both of you!

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  2. Just love the this post and The Hunter so much. So happy for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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