"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Reflections on My Walk

Last weekend the Hunter and I went camping. We took both dogs, the crazy now 70 pound pup and my aging Lhasa Apso.   The Hunter was deep in the woods with the Kracken, so I was leisurely walking my old dog down a path through a meadow and this parable popped into my head.

We are walking slowly at his pace — he was tired this morning.  My old dog is approaching 16 years old and he has lung cancer, so we take each day as a blessing.  The day before he wore himself out with an exuberant (for him) walk.  Although we were on the same path, our sights, smells and experiences were completely different.

He is low to the ground focused on the sights and smells immediately in front of him.  I’m taller, so I’m looking at the beautiful sky, the trees, the meadow — but we are together.

I turned back from my planned hike because he couldn’t handle a long walk.  I took him back to the tent and made him comfortable.  Once he was settled, I left on the hike I wanted to take.  I enjoyed a long walk, although I didn’t have a hiking stick or water (poor planning!).  I still enjoyed the beauty and quiet of me alone with my thoughts.

I thought about how all of this relates to my kids.  I have them settled as adults.  Their experiences along life’s path are different than mine — different pace, experiences, etc.  I’m free now to hike my own path at my own pace.  The Hunter gives me that freedom willingly and with great love.

I feel calm, confident, ambitious — I’m ready to be the Amazon that has always been within me.


Comments on: "Reflections on My Walk" (3)

  1. Now you finally have the opportunity to be everything you can be. Should be an interesting discovery

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    • I am quite excited about this new chapter. It’s quite the rollercoaster, but I feel like I am going to kick ass. I have lots of support both friends/family as well as other professionals, which has been so gratifying. I just need to stay consistent. I see great things….

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  2. I really love your parable. Yes, follow your own path. It is the right one for you! And we can all go along the same path, we don’t experience the same things because we all bring our special circumstances to our journey…
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Sending love…

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