"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Perfect Day

This past weekend the Hunter and I had a perfect day together.  It was Sunday.  I had spent Saturday getting my ex-boss’ assistant shitfaced during a 3-hour late lunch that included unlimited mimosas.  Robin and I needed information; the assistant needs a new job so it was a win-win all the way around.   But the drink fest was unplanned and I had work, chores and a host of errands that went by the wayside.

The Hunter asked me to go to the woods with him on Sunday.  He was putting up a tree stand and asked for my help.  I paused, thought and agreed.  It was totally the right decision.  The Kracken stayed home, so it was just the two of us.

We left really early, but stopped at our favorite café for breakfast.  Then we drove out to the woods.  The day was brilliantly beautiful.  The sky was that amazing shade of blue that you only see in November.  The air was cool and it was simply perfect.  We walked into the woods and he strapped his tree stand to a beautiful tall pine tree in the middle of a small cluster of trees.  Then we hiked for about an hour or so.  He had me set the pace and distance so I was comfortable.  We found all kinds of tracks, saw a half dozen turkeys and other wildlife.  The wind was blowing through the trees and its rustle was mesmerizing.  I was relaxed and totally enjoying it all.

We stopped by the campground where we will be spending Thanksgiving and then returned home.  Once we got home, we jumped in the shower to get cleaned up before heading out to an early dinner.  As I got out of the shower, the Hunter said, “Why don’t you grab your vibrator and have some fun while I take my shower and then I’ll fuck you.”  And that’s what I did, and then we had a great fuck, showered again and went to a casual dinner.  It was a perfect day.

As we sat at our table quietly chatting about a number of topics, the Hunter noticed another couple.  He said, “We are so lucky.  Look at that couple, together yet so alone.  They aren’t speaking or even looking at one another.  How sad.”  He was right.  We are so incredibly lucky to have one another.  Our hearts were so full of love that day and it has spilled over to the subsequent days.

The Hunter woke up early the next day and pulled me into his arms.  “I love you so much,” he murmured.  Then he pulled off my clothes, fucked me and headed off to work.  What a delicious way to start the week.  I am a lucky girl.


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  1. Oh, how I love this post! 😀


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