"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Last Week’s Life Lessons

I am trying to track all my success big and small.  These include everything from making my bed in the morning to winning new business.  I am also trying to keep track of life lessons that I am learning so I can continue to grow both personally and professionally.  The past week was chock full of lessons both big and small.  Here are the past week’s life lessons, in no particular order:

  • I need to remember that I have to put my oxygen mask on first. If you have read Gretchen Rubin’s books on happiness or listened to her podcast (both of which I strongly recommend), you will understand when I say that I am an Obligor.  This means I take care of everyone before myself.  With the Hunter’s business getting active and mine launching with a flurry of activity, I need to keep this in mind when he needs help at the same time I’m swamped.  Same holds true with the kids, Robin, etc.  I need to get my shit done first.
  • He/She who sets the emotions wins the day. This occurred twice over the past week. I have to remember not to succumb to someone else’s crazy unless I decide too.  My former boss was creating anger and conspiracy ideas about me.  At first, I wanted to respond with the same.   Then I stepped back and reminded myself that my goal with him was to keep him calm and not ratchet up the drama.  Instead I called him and was sweet, kind Maggie.  I cleared the air and apologized for some things that looked suspicious, but in the light of day weren’t.  It thrilled him which resulted in Robin and I getting paid money that has been owed to us for a month.  Although Robin and I want to tell him to go fuck himself, we need to wait until we get ALL of our money.  Then we have the freedom to do so.  The other event was a story unto itself.  The abbreviated version:  I channeled my anger from my ex-boss to this guy (who totally deserved it).  Two of my best lines:  When he told me to go fuck myself, I replied, “At least I’ll enjoy it a lot more than talking to you.”  When he proudly told me he voted for Trump and he didn’t even have to ask who I voted for, I replied, “Yep, I am a Nasty Woman who is going to make your life miserable.”  I ended the call having vented all my aggression and happily feeling quite full of myself.
  • I need to better screen the people I trust implicitly. My boss (and his wife) is a fucking nutcase and I didn’t see it for quite some time.  Part of that had to do with him isolating himself from me, but I needed to wake up and smell the coffee sooner.
  • Everyone has a story, a journey and I need to listen more. I am meeting with a lot of colleagues these days and I’m hearing lots of stories.  It’s fascinating.
  • Look FORWARD. I have to realize that what’s behind me (crazy ex-boss, lost clients, etc.) is done and over, good riddance.  I need to look at the future which is so shiny, new and beautiful that it fills me with happiness and excitement.
  • I am the Master of My Destiny. So I better figure out where the heck I am going.
  • My Man loves me like I have never been loved before and I am blessed every day he is in my life. I’ll write another post about the perfect day we just had, but that preceding sentence says it all.

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  1. So many life lessons well worth learning!

    I have been telling The Dancer exactly that the other day, how lucky I am that he wants to be part of my life.

    I’m glad you’re realising all of this, and most of these lessons I needed to read/hear myself. Thank you.


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