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Losing Sucks

I was really hopeful that my largest client would follow me.  They chose to stay with my boss.  They have a good relationship with him — more than any of my other clients, so I shouldn’t be surprised.  Fortunately my business model was based on them NOT moving with me.  It hurts even more because our meeting was great.  I had brilliant ideas for some new innovative programs for them and Robin handled the meeting smoothly.  We left thinking it was in the bag, particularly when they told us our only competition was our old boss.  But it wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless, this poured out of me after I got the call……

I’m so hurt. I wasn’t picked. After all my years of unrelenting dedication they picked him. Why? Fucking country club set. Are they just setting him up for failure so they can turn to me with no strings attached? I would like to think that is the case. I hope that’s the case, but only time can tell.

I have to remain classy. I have to go high even if my fucking boss probably went low. I wonder what he said to them. It doesn’t matter. They know me. They just like their good old boy chit chats with him. Can’t let a woman beat a man, now can we? It won’t work. He can’t stay focused long enough to make things happen there.

But I have to let them go so I can move on with my next chapter. I have to be unshackled so I can flourish and quite candidly, this project came with some velvet covered shackles. Perhaps we can work together in the future, perhaps not, but for now I’m hurt. I hate losing. I absolutely hate it when I lose to someone who used my hard work to call it his success. Grrrr. But I have a plan….they will end up paying me a nice large check because now I can sit across the negotiating table from them representing someone else….

On to bigger and better things! But today I’m in a pissy, bitchy, don’t fuck with me mood. Look out world. Poor Hunter – he better be careful. The tiger in this household is feeling fierce.


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  1. “To lose is to win. And he who wins shall lose” – Rassilon, 57,246,852 B.C.

    Dr Who quotes aside, I’ve found over time (no pun intended), that sometimes losses are what help us to keep an even keel, and not too full of ourselves. And in many cases, save us from things we really shouldn’t be involved with.

    You will do great!

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  2. Sorry! You are right, you have to trust that better things are on their way 🙂

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  3. That’s tough, but I think you are calling it right. And just imagine how much better the revenge will taste when it’s cold

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    • I like the way you think! I think when they write me a nice size check I will feel vindicated. I have a feeling they will return, but the question becomes if I will want them then. I may not have capacity at that point or I could be groveling because I need the business. LOL. Time will tell.


  4. Haha — I thought so — deleted!


  5. Just keep in mind that anything that grows too quickly, in not usually sustainable.

    Except if it’s due to a little blue pill! 😎


  6. […] favorite client that kicked me to the curb when I founded Maggie & Co is back sniffing around.  I have kept the lines of communication […]


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