"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Work in Progress

I had written a post about wondering if the Hunter’s sexual interest in me was waning due to my weight gain. I wrote that as he was preparing for a big test that he urgently needed to pass to gain an important certification. Of course the poor man was not interested so much in sex – he had a lot of anxiety about the test and everything else going on.

Nonetheless, I took Nichtisobel’s advice and thought about a low carb diet. In 2009, I had lost 30 pounds on a low carb diet based on a book by two hilarious British women. Neris and Indias Idiot Proof Diet: From Pig to Twig. I had given that gem of a book away, so I promptly got another one and then bought their follow up recipe book delivered from Britain (which is a whole post of converting measurements, translating their names for certain food to the American ones). Anyway, I am digressing.

I have been on their eating plan for almost three weeks and have lost over 6 pounds. Which is amazing considering last week was a bit of a non-starter because we had Hurricane Matthew knocking on our door, so I needed alcohol and a couple of carbs to maintain my sanity. Now I am back on track and am seeing progress each and every day. I’m preparing healthier food and feel great. I am not exercising like I was, but that’s OK for now. The good news is that the Hunter comments on my weight loss, I see it too and I know that I’m on the right track.

If you are going to buy the book, get a hard copy. It’s a beautifully designed book with Neris’ drawings and cute colored pages. Reading their book is like reading the blog of a dear friend. They write straight from the heart, don’t pull any punches and offer as much encouragement as can be found on the written page. I am never letting go of this copy. It’s got a permanent spot of honor on my bookshelf. And sex is back with a vengeance….


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  1. Everything’s going Maggie’s way! Well done

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  2. ok, just ordered it! 🙂 Gotta love amazon prime!

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