"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

My daughter, Taz, called me yesterday.  She had just completed a 40-day rotation without a single day off and where a good work day was only 14 hours.  She survived and is now at a different hospital and learning the lay of the land there. She even survived two shifts without a cell phone when she broke hers one morning.  Her hubby was out of town, so she had no one to help her get a new one.  Add to the fact that nowadays doctors and their cell phones are intrinsically wired together for innumerable reasons and yet somehow she survived.  I sent her and her hubby separate notes today and I’ll share them with you, Dear Readers.

Dear Taz,

I just wanted to send you a little note to hopefully brighten your day.  You have moved into a portion of your life’s journey that defies my comprehension at times.  Residency application process, marriage (although I do have some experience with that one!), graduation, beginning your residency all wrapped up in the span of a single year – that’s breath-takingly ambitious!  If anyone can make it through to the other side with all their marbles, that would be you.  I have always loved the fact that you have NEVER been one to shy away from a challenge.  You continue to impress me as you rise up to each and every new experience in your life.

When we talked yesterday, I loved your new mantra of “this day will end”.  That is so true and profound.  You are an amazing woman.  I love you very much. 

My heart goes out to her husband because he is undergoing his own series of transitions. He has a new wife who has no time for him, a new job and a new city.  I sent him a note as well.

Dear Hubby,

So, how are you enjoying the roller coaster of life with Taz?  Wow, what a ride it has been in the past year for you both!  I am so happy that she has a man who understands her for who she truly is and loves her as deeply as you do.  I am also incredibly impressed and proud of all that you have accomplished in the past year – moving twice, the wedding, getting a great job with a new company –navigating that new company to redefine your job, and so much more. 

I am sure that you and Taz are learning to navigate the shifts of compromise that are inherent in any relationship, but most particular to marriage. The good news is that you have unlocked one of the most important keys:  open communication.  As I hear about her hours and work load, I cannot imagine how you, as her partner, must feel as you watch her in action. 

My thoughts and love are with you both.

Parenting adult children is interesting.  The Hunter, last week, described me as a Mother Hen.  Not the sexiest description, but oh well.  I hope they enjoy the notes and the love I am sharing.  Now let me send one to my son along with his new AAA card.  LOL.  Yes, I’m feeling good today.  It’s been a much better week than last week.  My big D-Day of launching my new company  and the big confrontation of quitting my current job is fast approaching. I gotta get my ducks in a row, so let me run.


Comments on: "Letters to My Daughter & Her Hubby" (4)

  1. Taz appears to be a chip off the ol’ block ;). Congratulations. Now go get your shit done.


  2. This is amazing and I want to remember to do something like this because it must make them
    Feel so good! You are such a wonderful mom and mentor! No doubt Taz gets it from you, all that sassy ambition!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] wrote notes to my daughter and son-in-law a month or so ago.  I’ve decided that the art of letter writing needs to be revived, so […]


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