"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Another Shitty Monday

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day;
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way.
Oh, Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be.
Oh, Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me?

The Mamas and the Papas

And as I write this, it isn’t even over…..

My heart stopped today and then it tore a bit. The Hunter was, without warning or just cause, fired from his dream job today – on a Monday morning no less. He was brought into the office by his new boss, who has been on the job for about two months, and fired in front of his brand new supervisor, who has been on the job for about three weeks. Apparently the company’s top dog didn’t like the Hunter, so the new boss is firing the Hunter rather than standing up to the top dog. It makes no sense to us. There was absolutely no warning – it was a complete ambush. The cause they used was weak and one that would usually result in perhaps some counseling if even that, but the boss, when the Hunter suggested this, said that he didn’t have time to do that. His supervisor cried out, “Boss, what are you doing??” because he didn’t even know this was coming.

It all doesn’t really matter – the Why, the empathy, the reason. They betrayed the Hunter. This great job for which we moved out of my cozy townhouse and set ways is gone. The funny thing is that I am happy about the move and have no regrets about it. I just feel so hurt and anguished about the Hunter. He’s a good man who was working diligently and giving it his all. He got more done than his predecessor and was well-regarded, or so we thought. Words cannot describe my anguish and anxiety over his situation. Words cannot describe my anger at his now former employer to have treated him so shabbily. Welcome to corporate America, I suppose. I just want to call his former boss and the top dog and rant at them, but it will do no good. I want answers, but in today’s legally-charged environment, answers will not be provided. All I know is that the boss will provide a letter of recommendation. Wow, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I look back on the times I have been fired and once when my Ex was fired the week after our first child was born. He was actually given a month to find a job before they cut the strings, but every firing has always been horrible in its own unique way. Every time, I have been fired it’s not because I have done something so grossly incompetent, but simply a change in management who comes in and cleans house. Every time it has been a blow to my ego and made me sit down and re-group, re-think how I want to live my life. The last firing was five years ago this summer. It was due to a new manager who was brought in to whip our office into shape and force us to conform to the corporate norms. I knew I would be fired within about 30 days of her entrance and sure enough, I lasted 6 months, long enough to make some contingency plans after a lovely bout of denial.

I feel a lot of anxiety right now. I am in the planning stages of launching my own company; money is tight already for me even without the company launch. I cannot postpone my launch for very long. Once I re-negotiated my position last summer with my boss, he has shut down on me. I have become an income stream and no longer a valued partner. I took his assistant out to lunch with my teammate and she vomited so many disconcerting things that I was rocked to my core and began the earnest planning of my own firm immediately. My teammate was similarly aghast and she will be joining me.

Everything is up in the air. Everything is spinning and now I need money. Lots and lots of money, so I better get back to work and make some because my lottery ticket didn’t win this week.


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  1. Wow!

    Sending lots of warm hugs and thoughts and all those things.

    I have a question for you. Are you Ma1014 would asked for access to my blog?

    And again, more hugs. When things come crumbling down, it’s sometimes so that you can start with something completely new and very different. But I know how scary it can be.



    • Thanks and nope, I’m not Ma1014. Yep, it’s a bit scary, but one thing I have discovered is that I’m more resilient and resourceful than I thought.

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    • Moon Beam said:

      Maggie: I’ve been reading for a bit and normally don’t comment often. I’m so sorry the Hunter lost his job, my husband went through that very thing a lil Over a year ago after 32 years with this company. “They downsized”, right more like gave his job to a very green person who accepted not even a 1/4 of his salary. It was scary and depressing. Something will come along even better for the Hunter. I truly believe things happen for a reason, we may not like the reason and it’s often at horrible times they happen. I know there has to be something better in store for you both!! Hang in there sending positive thoughts your way! ***Sorry to hijack you post, please forgive me!! Dawn I used to read blog until you went private I don’t think I ever commented though, I’d love to be able to continue to follow/read your blog. I’m not exactly blog saavy and have no clue how to request access therefore I’ve reached out the only way I know. I promise I’m not a crazy stalker at all just a 50 something who learned much about myself from reading your posts!! Is it possible I read again?? My email is mbluna11@gmail.com


      • Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I am confident that he/we will be fine. Right now he just needs some time to process all this–he’s doing better everyday. I’ll write a follow up post on the aftermath. It’s been an interesting week.


  2. Was the hunter aware of the cause they gave at the time when it happened (if it was an incident and not a general work habit) or if it was a work habit was he talked to about it before Monday? Seems weird that he would be fired randomly just because someone didn’t like him even if it’s a big wig at the company. I so what to know what the reason was! The only people I ever knew who got fired were people who royally messed up or treated other coworkers badly.


    • The cause they gave him was an unfinished project, that they said wasn’t completed quickly enough. This project was given to him during a two-week period when he was hospitalized and out sick several days. In full disclosure, he did have a problem with it because he didn’t initially order enough material, but he immediately ordered additional materials to correct the problem. The boss wasn’t happy about that, but never said that he was going to discipline him or that this project was so crucial (it isn’t a time-sensitive project, just a pet project of the top dog).

      Now the other issue is that he supervises upwards of 5 crews and he was getting those guys to work more than they have worked previously. He didn’t think he was riding them too hard, but simply doing smart things like not allowing pairs to run errands, separating guys who were too chatty and the like. The lazy ones weren’t his fan club, but the hard workers loved him for being fair.

      I have seen good people fired/laid off for convenient, poor reasons and crappy people are kept. This organization has a high turnover rate and we knew it when he went there, but he thought that he had enough layers of management over him to keep him out of top dog’s way. He was wrong 😦


      • That’s horrible! Says a lot about the company if that’s how they handle things.

        I have witnessed that myself when new management comes in the lazy workers are not happy when they are finally pushed to actually do their jobs.


      • Right? I hope his boss feels shitty because he did a shitty thing today.


  3. Oh this is such shit news. Thank gawd you’re a strong one, Maggie. You know you two will get through all this. And Hunter has proved himself to himself. He knows what he is capable of. I’m sure a better job is in his near term future. Now for you … and Maggie Corp. Focus, focus, focus. Don’t get distracted in the short term. You need to unleash Maggie Corp and make it a success from the get-go. And you will!


    • The Hunter and I are discussing his role in Maggie Corp. He has volunteered to cold call for me. He has done it for his brother in law, so he knows how to do it. That will be a huge help with the launch. Never a dull moment.

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  4. Oye! I got sympathy stomach clenching anxiety reading your post. I was talking to my mother the other day and she said, “Money doesn’t buy happiness!” I responded, “Well, actually they’ve proven that money DOES buy happiness — up to a certain amount. But the main thing that money buys is peace of mind — and that’s priceless!” Here’s hoping that everything works out for the better and that you’re able to launch your company soon!


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