"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

He said, “I read your ad, it sounded rather thrilling
I think a meeting could be mutually fulfilling
Why don’t we meet for a chat
The three of us in my flat
I can’t forget what I read”
This is what it said:

If you dream of the girl for you
Then call us and get two for the price of one
We’re the answer if you feel blue
So call us and get two for the price of one
If you dream of the girl for you


One of the funniest things about meeting Madeline was the Hunter’s reaction to all this. First, he was a bit anxious that I was meeting a complete stranger by myself. I laughed and said that M isn’t a stranger, we are meeting in a public place and he needs to calm down. He did and I commend him for trusting me on this. He was needlessly worried about our anonymity.

When I got home, he was already half-asleep, exhausted by his early wake-ups (4 am), long work day and commute, so we didn’t talk too much about my evening. Plus my head was spinning about some job stuff, which I’ll post about. The day I met M had some big thinking events (M and a job interview), so I needed quiet to process it all.

The Hunter was apparently processing the M meeting and it revved his engine up. I got a text the next morning. “I had a dream last night about fucking both of you and it was a lot of fun. Invite her over for a threesome.” That made me laugh. I text him back, “I love a good, naughty fantasy. Sexy man.” He calls me and we chat. Apparently my meeting with M, which was innocent girlfriend chitchat and fun, triggered intense sexual fantasies in him that have been dormant for a few months.

I get another text a couple of hours later. “So are you having your new friend over for a fuck fest?” I replied, “Nope”.

Let’s dive into all this. M can chime in here as well because I shared this with her first because it does include her to a certain extent. The Hunter has always been interested in a FMF threesome. Due to his jealousy issues, a MFM threesome is not in the cards. I have been a hesitant. At the beginning of our relationship, I wanted time for us to solidify our relationship before moving onto varsity, post-graduate activities. He agreed. One of my biggest requests has been that the third needs to be an anonymous person, NSA-type, actually I would prefer a sex worker. Sorry, M, but nobody I know will be in the bed with me and the Hunter. LOL.

Now here we are, a year later and the Hunter is once again thinking about it. M’s visit coupled with the security of a new job where he feels happy and secure has apparently relaxed his brain and allowed the fantasies to pop back up.

Last night he got home and was cooking dinner while I walked the dog. He had no shirt on when I left and when I returned 15 minutes later, he was wearing underwear, a huge grin and had popped half a Cialis. He fucked me on the couch while dinner simmered. I was bemused. Where the hell did this come from? He wanted to eat dinner naked, but I’ve got limits. He can, but I pulled on a t-shirt and sat on top of my skirt.

I drank some wine during and after dinner, he smoked a little after dinner and got a second wind. I jacked him off while he had a butt plug in. Then he began talking about how the threesome would work. Clever man had recalled some of my previous requests, namely the criteria for the third. He has already called me again today to discuss this.

I have to say how much I appreciate his consideration of my needs, thoughts and comfort level in this. I have told him this as well. Do I really, really want a threesome? Meh, I feel some stirrings as the Hunter’s sexy voice lays out the scenario, but I’m also not “Whooo Weeeeee — lets DO THIS!!” Remember – I am a middle-class, somewhat conventional 51-year old woman, so this shit is major league for me. I need some time to think about it, but I also know I shouldn’t over-think it. Sometimes you just need to jump into the deep end and not worry about how cold the water is or how high the diving board is.

I told the Hunter this could be his birthday present, but he doesn’t want to wait until late May and he’s thinking about more than once. Good grief, is this Pandora’s Box? We have a bit more to talk about, but what the hell, I’m in.


Comments on: "Two for the Price of One?" (7)

  1. Hahaha! I love his fantasy dream!
    I agree with you that over thinking this may not be the best thing, but… here is my advice, from someone who did jump into the deep end. Granted, my circumstances were slightly different, as we certainly weren’t in a relationship when we first met others to fuck.
    Still: you need to discuss how this would go. You need to know that you come first, that he understands this is basically you having fun while using a third person (a live toy if you will).
    You need to discuss how comfortable you are being with a girl, yourself.
    And also need to discuss what you should do/say to let him know you’re getting uncomfortable at any point. And he understands that this means stop everything right away, and find a spot to cuddle/talk/calm down or whatever else you need.
    Discuss after care. Make sure he’s aware you will need some quiet time with him at the end of play. So he can’t allow himself to just be too tired by it all and crash.
    You probably want to discuss that the last orgasm needs to be between the two of you, as a bonding thing.
    You need to feel comfortable pulling the plug at ANY STAGE. This goes for either of you!

    And before you start discussing repeat performances… touch base, see how you feel a week later, both of you, discuss what you liked, disliked…

    Lastly: What would YOU prefer? If you would prefer a MFM, then… let him know that if he gets to have his fun, then you do too.
    And that a repeat may not happen until you’ve had your own experience.
    Explain that if it always goes the same way, then you’ll probably grow resentful, and it wouldn’t be good for either of you or your couple.

    Just my two cents 🙂

    Good luck!
    (and yes, one day I’ll get to read about the meeting with M 😉 now… need to work!)

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  2. Holly S said:

    My boyfriend of 5 years and I started with an FMF. We found a lovely woman with whom we played several times and who is now a good friend. We later played with another couple once. The plan is to have an MFM next, which my boyfriend has encouraged, saying it is only fair. We have had great experiences thus far because we were lucky to find nice people and we communicated extensively around the issue of playing with others. It’s important to talk before, during and after and to know that either one of you can put the brakes on things at anytime. We found that we enjoyed seeing each other enjoying another person and we felt closer than ever after each experience. It’s not something we do often, but when we do it definitely revs up our sex life for a while. Good luck!

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    • Thanks for the advice. One question I have is how frequent? That answer won’t reveal itself until we give it all a try. How did you find your partners for this? That’s another question for everyone.


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