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Meeting Madeline

This week I had my first face-to-face meeting with a blogger, Madeline formerly of The Woman Invisible. How exciting is that? M and I had texted intermittently through Google Hang-Out, so when she headed down on vacation, she reached out to me.

We spent a 3-hour afternoon hanging out and talking like close girlfriends do. We immediately launched into a great conversation that never lagged and told some stories that can’t go up on the blog due to anonymity reasons. I did tell her one that she is insisting I write about because it’s pretty funny — the actual logistics of getting the Hunter to pass a drug screening.

So what are my impressions of the real M? The flesh and blood one sitting across the table drinking prosecco? She is very true to herself. I think her blog is truly as honest, raw and deep as anyone can possibly be. She really does expose it all — good and bad. Her real life is big and bold, so how she has time to write amazes me. She has challenges approaching her in the near future that will be stressful, but she clearly sees them and is already laying the groundwork on how to deal with it all. M is very smart, very successful, brave and fierce (in a wonderful way).

It was a fabulous afternoon. I have felt like I lack a posse of close girlfriends. I have a handful but I’m not great about staying in touch regularly. Now I have the fabulous M to add to my posse. I will be headed to her hometown more regularly in the future, so she has made me promise to stay an extra night for her. That sounds like just the kind of fun/trouble I need.

Thanks, M. The next round is on me!


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  1. So glad the two of you were able to meet 🙂

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  2. Oh my! That meeting sounds like it was so much fun. I can’t even imagine all that girl talk

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  3. What a fun afternoon – my only complaint was that it ended much too soon! And…I am glad that the Hunter actually let you out to see me – this crazy prosecco drinking wild woman that I am! lol!

    Please include me in that close posse of girlfriends – how I wish we lived closer – I need more women like you in my daily life! You are just amazing!


  4. I see Madeline wasn’t absent afterall…lol…;)

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  5. […] love the experience of meeting my favorite bloggers for the first […]

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