"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Change is Good

It is Spring. The time of rebirth and awakening. Change is in the air these days. I feel it’s pull very strongly and am preparing for this year to be a turning point in my life. My brilliant daughter got her first pick to a top 5 program and is moving just a little farther away. We are so proud and excited for her and Hubby. 
She wisely asked all of us to remain in the moment of this auspicious occasion and not to plan anything. That is all she said of our pre-wedding wipe-out of her award evening – that we forgot why we were there and the wedding plans overwhelmed the award. We sheepishly obeyed this time and the occasion was brilliant. 

Not only will Taz be moving farther away, but she is moving more deeply into her journey through adulthood. Her training will be rigorous with little time off, so I won’t see much of her over the next 5 years. I told her that I would do my best to not place demands on her time, but it’s not from a lack of want. Her husband must find a new job, so he feels the anxiety of that upcoming search.   

Then we have me and the Hunter. He started his new job and loves it. We must begin looking for a new place immediately due to his 60-mile commute, so moving is eminent. Taz gently asked how this would affect my business. I told her that my colleagues make the same commute and I don’t think it will be too bad. I reassured her that I have conferred with others and I am not impulsively moving. I know I’ll have mornings when I will be cursing an 8:00 or 9:00 breakfast, but hopefully I can manage them. I continue to confer with girlfriends, my coach and others on this decision. I feel good about it, but it is a big change. 
The physical move will affect my daily routines and all my support networks including friends, personal trainer, doctors — you name it. Taz also asked about my friends and I rattled off about 6 who live in the new area, but I don’t see much of due to the distance. 
Then we have bloggers who are writing about their changes. I see my boss going through a self-reflective change as he absorbs the loss of his dad and MIL. He has told me it is making him think about his big picture. I watch my BFF wrestle with her year-old relationship with a great guy, but perhaps not her great guy. She may also move to my new area with or without him. My virtual assistant is getting divorced. The list of change is endless. 
I need some professional change and that will only come with my self-discipline. I need to focus 60% of my time (or more) on business development this year. 

So the Ides of March have brought me winds of change. I am excited by this and surprisingly not nervous. My journey continues. 


Comments on: "Change is Good" (7)

  1. The fact you’re not nervous does go to show that you are ready for this next step, that it is the right one to take.
    Wishing you all the best in finding the perfect home for you and the Hunter (happy the new job came through!).

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  2. Lots and lots of change Maggie. I know you are a change whiz, but all the same I think you should try and keep it manageable. Not all at once. No one is great when their whole world goes topsy-turvy

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    • That’s so very true. I am trying to keep things in perspective although I also put my resume in for a cool new job close to our new neighborhood….. If that happens all bets are off. I think delaying the move also helps with the transition.


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