"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly
I’ll do what it takes ’til I touch the sky
And I’ll make a wish, take a chance, make a change
And breakaway

Kelly Clarkson

We are all on pins and needles over here. Big change is in the air both at home and in Taz’s world. First, let’s address Taz because that is relatively short and sweet. Match Day is on Friday. What the heck is Match Day? It’s the medical student equivalent to the NFL draft. Nationally all the medical students will learn, on the same day, where they are going for their residencies. As if medical school isn’t stressful enough, these students learn their fate all at once in public.

The good news is that Taz got an email on Monday saying that she had matched. I said, that’s like saying you won the lottery, but we won’t tell you how much for a few days. She said that this early alert enables the students who haven’t matched to go on a crazy four-day scramble to try to find a residency program. I cannot imagine the chaos and stress of that situation, so I said “thank you very, very much” to the Match gods.

Our agenda for Friday is to get up and have a champagne breakfast with some of her friends and their families, then we head to the med school for the big reveal. Each student gets an envelope which they open and read to their colleagues and families at that moment. Good grief. My eye is twitching just thinking about this. Then to soothe the stress, there is another champagne reception hosted by the med school followed by a boozy late lunch. I think the alcohol is more medicinal than celebratory.

This means that I will be spending the weekend with Taz and her hubby. The Ex will be there briefly, but I’ll have them for myself for the most part. So that is the Taz drama du jour. Now let’s discuss the Hunter’s drama….

We thought the Hunter had gotten an amazing job this Fall. The benefits were great, the pay was higher and his commute dropped from 45 miles to 5 miles. He was beginning a new division for an impossibly large byzantine organization and was their “expert”. We were excited that he was on the ground level and felt that he would have great potential with this company. Alas, we did not factor in a whack-job, control freak, asshole of a boss. His boss, Attila, revealed his true nature after about 45 days, when he realized that the Hunter knew far more than Attila. You put two alpha males of the same ancestry butting heads and sparks will fly. They have and it has increased the Hunter’s anxiety and blood pressure to unsafe levels. I now understand why the Hunter smokes pot – it’s to control his anxiety.

Fortunately, the Hunter has a great network in his field and keeps in touch with his former colleagues and clients. He does this to exchange ideas and information, but it also brought him an amazing job opportunity. One of his clients is moving back home and giving up a great job, so he called the Hunter and asked if he wanted the job. In the span of one week, the Hunter submitted his resume, got called, interviewed and won the job with a 20% pay raise from his current job. Crazy, right? We were so happy…until we realized he needs to pass a drug screening.

My computer right now is full of the funniest google searches about how to pass a drug screening. We also visited our local head shop to consult the experts in person. Suffice it to say we opted with the safest method – a swap using synthetic urine. Talk about nerve-wracking. We spent the weekend trying a cleanse (waste of money) and then working through the logistics of our solution. I won’t go into too much detail, but the physical went through without a single raised eyebrow and we’ll find out for sure by the end of the week –right when I’ll be drinking champagne to celebrate Taz’s victory.

The Hunter is giving no notice to Attila and will begin the new job, and a 60-mile commute, on Monday. But a 60-mile commute isn’t a long-term solution, so it looks like we will be moving somewhere midway. That’s a lot of change for me – I’ve lived in my lovely area for 30 years. I am very excited about it, but I have been thinking about how I will handle my work, my clients and the logistics of a move while dead broke. It’s never a dull moment around here! I’ll write more about why I’m fine with moving and my thoughts about all of this change, but for now, Cheers!


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  1. This is very promising. Cements you and the Hunter if you move together. Waiting to hear what the match was.

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  2. Cheers!

    My feeling is that moving away from an area where you have so many memories involving the ex is both a blessing (start afresh with the Hunter) and difficult because it also means leaving behind all the memories of when your kids were little.
    I think it is challenging for the kids as well, but it’ll probably be less so because you’re already moved from the house where they grew up.

    I know it was bittersweet for me when my mom finally sold the old house and moved to a whole other area. But I could totally understand that’s what she needed to do to move on and I was glad she finally did, even though it took her many years.

    Hope the job thing works for the Hunter. And good luck to Taz!
    That’s a lot of new things going on around you, so I’m sending you hugs.

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    • I was thinking about the kids’ reactions. I broached the topic with Taz and she was very supportive. She will disappear for the next 5 years in the haze of work. My son is away at school and looking at study aboard opportunities, so I don’t think he will be returning and he’ll like this area. I am ready for a change. I’ll write about my childhoood where I moved every 2 years….these are the deepest roots I have ever formed. Time to replant!

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  3. Just curious but do any of the companies he works for do random drug tests? I work in the manufacturing industry and they all seem to. I am afraid to even be within 20 feet of someone smoking weed.

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    • I am sure that if he is involved in a traffic accident or some incident that they would test him. He swears he is off for good, but I have heard that before. I don’t begrudge him. I’ve written about his pot use before — check out some posts in November when he started smoking again. Now I have laid off because I realize that this is his self-medication for anti-anxiety. It takes about a week for the casual user to get it out of their system. The last time he stopped smoking, it took over 30 days before he was clean. He smokes 2-3 times a day…..

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  4. I know this is a big step. A home that you both choose. A home for BOTH of you. A big, good step. You keep moving forward! That makes me very happy

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  5. Has the Hunter considered seeing a doctor about his anxiety? There are quite a few medications that are helpful and, since they would be an Rx and legal, there would be no concerns about drug testing. I had never heard of synthetic urine before. I attempted to research it, but my work blocked every link. Apparently they do not want employees learning how to beat drug tests (even if purely for academic reasons 🙂


    • He has an appointment to address his high blood pressure. We need to get that under control first. I think his anxiety will subside once he settles into the new job.

      As for synthetic urine – it’s sold as a “novelty” item for folks with a “golden shower” fetish (that’s the supposed purpose). It’s apparently reconstituted uric acid. The kit had a cheap plastic squeeze bottle with a temperature strip on it, a rubber band and a small hand warmer type heater to keep it at normal temperature. Worked like a charm. 😎


  6. Wow! What a big step and how promising! Well done for the Hunter…and I bet you find a lovely new place you adore!


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