"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Take a Toke

Take a toke slow or you might choke
I got the best love you ever smoked
Take a toke but baby it’s no joke
So strong it will make you choke

Spark up the love you need in me, in me
Roll it up tight lightly and don’t let any fall down
Get rid of the slight debris between you and me
Cause we don’t need any bad seeds

C+C Music Factory

I have to confess. Sex is so much better when the Hunter and I smoke pot. Throw in a little Cialis and we have an unparalleled sex fest that sometimes leaves me gasping, “Uncle!”  This weekend was one of those randy weekends when the Hunter had some good weed chased by a rum & coke. This fueled his desire and lead to a sexy interlude on the couch, among other places. We were all over each other most of the weekend. 

I am having an alcohol-free January. The Hunter has rightfully stated I cannot claim to be sober since I will smoke some weed with him and relax. He’s right (as usual).  This year it is incredibly easy to forget about the alcohol.  I even hosted a brunch on Saturday and didn’t feel deprived for a moment. But back to the sex and pot. 
I really enjoy getting a little stoned — not too stoned because then just trying to stand up becomes an effort. Once I am in that happy place, I get all touchy feely. Kissing is delicious. Touching is delightful and sex is amazing. The connection is just so much more intense for me. It feels so incredible. This weekend I was in that zone and it was awesome. I am a lucky girl. 


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  1. You are indeed! And you deserve to be

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