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Thankful Moments

I have some random thoughts lingering from Thanksgiving. The first is amusing. 

Background:  Niño, the Hunter’s son, and his buddy, Russell, (you can read about them here) joined us for Thanksgiving. I am considerate that many (my son included) have double-duty (i.e. 2 Thanksgiving parties), so I start early. I prefer a 1:00 start so I can relax in the evening (and enjoy a lovely Round 2 of food).  The Hunter warned his son not to show up empty-handed.  1) because gentlemen bring SOMETHING to a woman’s house for a big dinner event and 2) to thank me because I made Niño his own pumpkin pie because he said it was his favorite pie. My recipe is my grandmother’s and is renown for its awesomeness, so he scored big there. 

So Nino and Russell pop into a Total Wine to buy me a bottle of wine, however, Russell is underage so Total Wine refused to sell a bottle of wine to Niño. As Russell later said, “Seriously, do they really think red wine is the go-to for 20-year-old guys looking to get drunk?”  Plan B was a dash to Whole Foods to buy me flowers. The Hunter enjoyed Nino’s frustration — one of life’s lessons in his mind. I hugged Niño and thanked him graciously. The flowers were lovely and made the perfect centerpiece for the table. 

Meanwhile, Teacher was making a play for my BFF, who wasn’t having it. She runs in a high-level circle of C-suite executives, so the overtures of a self-admitted hyper, overly blunt public high school teacher didn’t even register on her radar. Watching both kept the Hunter and me amused all afternoon.  

Around the table, my BFF said the perfect blessing and I asked everyone to tell us something they were grateful for. I said I was grateful for everyone at the table and their impact on my life. My son was grateful for me and other family among other things.  The Hunter was grateful for me mostly and his son.  Niño surprised me and expounded on my virtues. He was grateful for the positive impact I was having on his dad’s life.  My son leaped in and added that he was grateful for the Hunter and pronounced him”cool”.  I was touched. One of my daily affirmations is “I am appreciative of the compliments I receive”. This popped into my head and enabled me to relish this moment. 

The other amusing moment was after everyone left except Teacher. He was spending the night so they could head to the woods early. He and the Hunter were rummaging through the leftovers and discovered my other great pie. For Thanksgiving, I must have the following desserts: pumpkin pie and chocolate bourbon pecan pie. I usually do an amazing white chocolate bread pudding in the crockpot (white chocolate and condensed milk — you can never go wrong).  But with my BFF gluten-free and the Hunter asking for apple pie, I made the apple pie, a flourless chocolate cake and another GF dessert. As everyone plowed into the desserts, I was surprised that I was the only one who ate the chocolate bourbon pecan pie, but in my mind, hey, more for me (ugh – I don’t need more but whatever). Then during Round 2, Teacher and the Hunter discovered it. Now it is the Hunter’s favorite of all time. He begged me to save him a piece for his return from the woods.  That’s OK but right now after the two of them finished it, there are at best two slices left.  I will stick to pumpkin pie I suppose. 

This time last year I was wasting my time with two married men from Ashley Madison. They were supplying much needed sex but I was beginning to realize I not only needed but deserved more. I was finding that I relish the contact throughout the day of a man who loves and cares for me. I had my moments of sitting in my home with my cat and dog feeling alone. Not necessarily lonely, but alone which is different. I am having that feeling tonight as I relish an evening in my pj’s with a Netflix binge imminent. I enjoy my alone time, but I have discovered that I like having the Hunter in my life. I miss him and he has texted me that he misses me. I like that — the separation is good for both of us. This is one of the few times “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. 


Comments on: "Thankful Moments" (6)

  1. Oh Maggie! So happy to read all this!
    I didn’t make pumpkin pie as no one really cares for it. But I made something darn close to Bourbon chocolate pecan pie… It’s cooling right now next to the apricot/cranberry pie and the cranberry sauce 🙂
    I’m out of commission for tonight, so the rest will have to wait for tomorrow, hoping I can keep going… We’ll see how the finger feels 🙂
    Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to my own tomorrow 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Madeline Harper said:

    You give me hope, so much hope…this time next year I won’t be mourning my married man 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Yep, one year and what a change!

    Liked by 1 person

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