"Love My Way, It's a New Road"


I don’t have any sexy stories today, but I have been thinking about how the Hunter and I first met. This time last year, we were hiking and I was wondering if this guy had any interest in me. Fast forward to today and the answer is definitely yes. 

This morning the Hunter woke up early, but crawled back into bed an hour later. I snuggled up to him and mentioned this. I told him how thankful I was to have him in my life. I told him to get prepared because I get mushy and sentimental around Thanksgiving because I try to think about the many blessings in my life and be thankful for them. He chuckled when I said that our gamble of moving in paid off. He said, “You just wanted sex and a lot of orgasms, so the best way to have sex every day was to have me move in.  We later discovered how great our relationship really is.”  I snuggled a little more,than got up to walk the dog. The Hunter is happily snoozing and I am thinking about what he said. 

At the very beginning, the Hunter wanted to go soooo slooowww because he said that sex clouds everything in a relationship. He wanted to know me first. He’s right. Once I finally settled down and went from hyper-horny to a more normal horny (for instance I have been thinking about a nice vibrator session sometime soon), I had to come to terms of having a man in my space. Plus I had a man very different from the men I had dated, married or worked with. He had the same reality. I am not like any other woman he has been in a LTR with. We have had our moments and we probably will in the future, but I have come to realize that our foundation grows stronger every day.  

Here’s an example of that strengthening. Yesterday, the Hunter plops on the couch beside me as I savored my morning coffee. He was grouchy on Friday night and had gone to bed early. On Saturday, he was apologizing for being grouchy and explained that he hated being broke. With his job switch, he has now gone 3 weeks without a paycheck and he doesn’t have the savings for that.  I have loaned him some money, but he hates it and takes too little.  He also told me on Saturday that he was bored because without money he couldn’t do things he enjoys. 

I told him that while I understood,  I was also kinda glad that money was an issue because I didn’t want to see him going back to getting stoned every day.  He said that he could have gotten pot regardless of money, but he was choosing not to go back to that life.  He continued that he had been smoking a lot and in a zombie-state so he could ignore the realities of his life at the time which were he was a 48-year-old man living in an efficiency.  Now he sees a future with me and his career, so he doesn’t want to go backwards.  But right now he is bored. That’s fine, I get it and in no way felt like that was something negative about me. Instead, we planned for him to head to the woods on the Friday after Thanksgiving for that weekend. I like that idea so I can spend time with my son before he heads back to college and I have some Me time also. He then spent the day having lunch and hanging out with various friends. That did him a world of good. 

His new job is stressing him and he even had a dream about his new boss which was hilarious. But I know that this new job is perfect for him and it is finally tapping into his true potential. He is with a great organization with superlative benefits (I even get domestic partner health benefits for me and my son) and he is on track for a rapid promotion by Spring. He has already saved the company thousands of dollars and he hasn’t even hit his stride. His new boss is an excellent manager of people but doesn’t have the technical expertise of the Hunter. The Hunter is able to shine with his technical expertise and superior logistical skills. Since the Hunter hasn’t been with such a large company, I have been coaching him quite a bit and showing him hidden wins, potential allies and developing some spreadsheets and strategies. I will be reining back because I sometimes have the tendency to help a little too much, and I need to let him do things his way. But at the company Thanksgiving picnic, his new boss wanted to spend most of his time talking to the Hunter about projects. His boss manages over 100 people, so I saw this as a huge plus. He has already won over the purchasing manager with his savings and the boss’ assistant likes him tremendously. I am so happy for him. Now he can tap into his true potential. 
I have been busy with work. I have some interesting plans in my future which I will write about in the future. I am really happy with many wonderful things in my life. I listen to my daily affirmations and they are truly working. I am back to losing weight and I feel good about my future. Now, I have a date with the Hunter at Home Depot. He has agreed to a long list of chores for today. I am a lucky girl. 


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  1. Oh Maggie! This is such a pleasant, cheerful post to read! Your happiness jumps from my screen and I am glad you share this with us. For someone who has been by herself for almost two years now and with no hope of living with anyone any time soon (it actually scares me a bit! The living with someone part, not the no hope 😉 ), it feels good to see that it is possible, and can be fun. Of course, my circumstances are very different from yours, as I stlll have many children at home, even if not all the time. Which is probably why I can’t project living with anyone just yet.
    But I’m really thankful that you shared this with us.
    I am happy for The Hunter too, that he is settling well into his new job, and that he is looking toward the future, with you. This must feel so good!

    I want to send you lots of hugs. Just because. (maybe I’m still on a little high myself 😉 )

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    • Ahhh, thank you!! It’s a great time right now, so I plan on fully enjoying it. Too often we let the good times slip past without acknowledging them. I look forward to reading about your journey as well.

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      • Totally agree. Which is sort of why I managed to get the words out last night 🙂
        I didn’t want to ever regret not having these good times reflect my real feelings in my memory. Or his. 🙂
        I’m not sure I’ll have much time to write a post tonight, I need to wrote out notes to make sure I don’t forget the details, because this is going to be a long saga I think. Just so you know 😉

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  2. Madeline Harper said:

    Maggie – I love this post!!! I am so glad to see so many things in your world are improving for the better every day. And the relationship with the hunter just keeps getting sweeter all the time! It looks to me like 2016 is going to welcome you with open arms and a year full of love and joy….between weddings and graduations and a stable loving relationship! There is so much to be thankful for this year!

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  3. […] to smoke and would always smoke, however, he would limit his smoking to probably only the weekends. When we recently talked about it, he said he didn’t want to go back to smoking morning, noon and night (literally) because he […]


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