"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Lately I have been living life in the real world. I also have to confess that I got a new iPhone and promptly locked myself out of virtually everything. Damn passwords and 2-step authenticators. What a friggin’ nightmare!! But I finally got all that resolved, however, I am also super busy both at work and home. Life is going really well and my days are full. The Hunter and I are in a period of extreme happiness. We both feel thankful and grateful for all that we have.

Work is going well. I have new clients identified and we shall see if they develop into anything worthwhile. Our lawsuit with a former deadbeat client is moving along and we are hopeful for a relatively quick settlement. I have re-tooled my business strategy and added a team of virtual assistants to help me with the administrative tasks. They are a godsend. I should have done this years ago. I feel like I am getting back into the mainstream and I see good things in my future.

My kids are doing great. Taz is stressed but happy. She is getting interview requests from all over the country, so she should be able to match to the perfect residency program. Her wedding plans are moving along and the only blip on that radar is the rehearsal dinner. The selected venue has closed (long story without a happy ending) so we are working on a new one. My son is doing great in school and is super happy.

Life is just grand and I have no complaints worth mentioning. One of the things I have been working on is my daily planning and scheduling. With so many things to get done in a work day, my blogging time has been replaced with more business writing. My business writing is fun, but not nearly as much fun as my naughty secret blog. I have put exercise back at the top of my morning rituals, so hopefully I will begin shedding these excess pounds. I have reached an unbelievable number and am annoyed that I not only fell off the wagon, but the wagon left me in the dust. Ugh. But I have enlisted technology to help me and a couple of cool apps are helping me monitor my exercise and my food (if only I can remember to log the food).

I am reading your blogs when I can, but I can’t always comment — mainly because I have been locked out of damn WordPress!!   I think about all of you and hope you all find peace and happiness. I’ll keep writing but it will be in spurts. Hugs to you all!


Comments on: "Where Have I Been?" (6)

  1. Welcome back 🙂


  2. So glad to hear that personal and business life is on such a roll. We miss you, but much prefer you look after Maggie first!


    • Ahhhh, thanks! I miss you too! I feel like I am back on track these days. But life would be far easier if I could just win the lottery….. since that’s not happening it’s off to work I go!


      • You and me both on that lottery thing 😉
        Then I could keep doing what I like without feeling forced to earn more money (you know, as in enough to pay the rent and such 😉 ).

        Glad to hear things are great

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