"Love My Way, It's a New Road"

Engagement Party

It’s been busy so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about the weekend. The good news is that life is racing along and we are busy and happy.  The Hunter and I are in such a happy, happy place in our relationship.  The only blip was that I had a complete meltdown of crazy this past weekend which I will write about also, but I have put my crazy back in its box.  First, let’s chat about Taz’s engagement party. It was lovely and the Hunter has finally met my Ex.

The short version: it was a non-issue, no drama event. The funny part is that the first place they met was in the airport restroom.  Seriously. The Ex approached him while in line and then they ended up side-by-side at the urinals. How awkward. I laughed hysterically, but the poor Hunter couldn’t finish and we had to make a second stop. 

We didn’t get to the party early as I had planned. It was a very early flight and we ended up taking a nap and arriving slightly late. That made me super anxious, but the anxiety melted away once we got there and got settled. The Hunter enjoyed the party. It was very large (over 100 people flowed through) and outdoors on a perfect Fall day.  We met lots of friends and family of the in-laws — all very lovely people. It’s so nice to see Taz is joining a family that has such strong roots and relationships. 

The Hunter also bonded with the future father-in-law who is a fanatical Hunter himself. Future FIL has a trophy room and the house is chock full of trophies throughout.  He has an arsenal and an encyclopedic memory of every trophy. He and the Hunter had some great chats resulting in future FIL inviting him to go hunting on his landlease in the future. 

We also gleaned an invite from another dear family friend who hosts a huge destination New Years. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen, but it is great to be so well-received. Taz was happy and the weekend was a resounding whirlwind of success. 

As for the Ex, he arrived alone. His sister and nieces drove two hours to join the party, so it was great to see them. This is the only Ex sibling who treats me the same. Taz strongly reminds me of her. In any case, we had couple of funny, awkward moments with the Ex.  The first was when I was chatting with a bunch of Taz’s classmates and long-time friends. It was a circle of about 8 friends and they were meeting the Hunter, chatting with me, etc.  The Ex walks up and in about 2 minutes, the circle melted. It was funny — they didn’t see to want to chat with him. This happened a couple of times throughout the party. I did my fair share of melting away from the Ex also.  He wanted to project a jolly “see how OK I am with Maggie and her boyfriend” persona. Thanks, but don’t try so hard. 

The other awkward moment was when Taz was asked to ceremoniously cut a cake. I was encouraging her by exclaiming her surgical skills were coming in handy. The Ex, not to be outdone, made some loud awkward comment to the fiancée about looking out because she would turn the knife on him once married. We winced.  The Hunter later remarked how inappropriate that was because it was clearly evident that the majority of the friends were long-time married folks. We both, without prejudice I hope, found that the Ex struggled a bit with the party. It’s interesting how I now see his assholeness (?) in public much more clearly. 

In any case, the weekend was fabulous and I returned feeling happy, loved and content. It’s been a lot of good news of late, so it’s nice to ride that wave of joy. It feels oh so good. 


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